Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Bitty Book of Booze!

Have you seen the new Dapper Gents kit from Alpha Stamps? It includes (nearly) all of my favorite things- retro patterned paper, retro phones and t.v.s, retro men, and ATCs. Does it get any better than that?

It just so happened that I had picked up an assorted bag of miscellaneous ephemera from a favorite consignment shop and in that bag there happened to be a really cool, really retro "Professional Mixing Guide" by the Angostura-Wuppermann Corporation from 1950. That little booklet combined with the Dapper Gents kit (and those saucy gentlemen!) turned into a swell, if not slightly naughty, cocktail recipe book.

Brandy is pretty popular with the gents

I painted a Hidden Drawer Book Box- ATC Size with a color that matched the Dapper Bringing Home the Bacon Scrapbook paper and then covered the front and back with said boss paper. The spine is black cardstock that was punched with a vintage shaped mini punch and I also covered the book's "pages" with black cardstock. My retro Olympia typewriter came in handy for the message on the bottom and I was surprised to find the red ink still vibrant. Relatively.

The spine of the book slides out like a drawer, which is where the ATCs are stored.

I followed the instructions of my mentor and trimmed the chipboard ATCs then rounded the corners as she did, and boy, they look great that way! The front of the cards feature a handsome gentleman and a manly named cocktail that I cut from the "Professional Mixing Guide". Also included are a few randy ladies from the Happy Vintage Housewives collage sheet.

On the back of the card is the mixing instructions for the named cocktail.

Here's what you do to mix a perfect "Stubby Collins":

Don't forget the stir rod!

Go RIGHT HERE to see the list of supplies I used.  Cheers to you!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The Mini Quilter's Nook

For the past couple of months, I have been been assembling a miniature craft room inside an 8" x 6" x 5" deep room box. It is a pretty small space but there are so many things going on inside. It started with a Treadle Sewing Machine on Table, then a Sewing Room Thread Cabinet, along with a Library Table that worked out great as a place to store bolts of fabric, and finally half of a Chipboard Steamer Trunk for a bookcase, all from Alpha Stamps

Would you like to have a look around?

The sewing machine, like all of the pieces in here, got a thorough sanding and aging to make it resemble a well-loved room. I added a rectangle of heavy weight cardboard to the Library Table on the right, and the Thread Cabinet on the left appears to be the cat's favorite thing to scratch. After getting all the furniture painted an arranged, the fun began! Just how much stuff can fit in here? The answer is loads and loads; enough that my smallish people made a game of I-Spy from the things inside.

I Spy a teacup,
Orange slices, and a duck.
You might find two rabbits
If you have extra luck.

I Spy four golden scissors,
Specs without a case,
And a single smiling cookie
That seems out of place.

I Spy a phone number,
A shell from the beach,
A small home for a gnome, 
And a jar out of reach.

(thanks for the great rhyme, AJ!)

I built the corkboard from balsa wood and cardboard, but adding shutters from the Seaside Doors and Windows Set gave me more places to hold items and ephemera. The stick pins are super tiny Mixed Size Flat Back Pearls!

Did you see the spools of thread? They are made from a snippet of toothpick between two hole-punched disks of watercolor paper with thin ribbon glued around. Easy!

The hoop in the basket is another quick thing; cut a thin strip of watercolor paper, wrap it around a pencil, and glue the ends. When dry, sand the join until it is smooth, then paint. Glue a tiny eyeglasses screw (the kind you get in the eyeglass repair kits) to the top. To make the "embroidery", doodle an image onto printer paper and wrap it around a button that fits inside your hoop. Glue in place.The needle is a tiny piece of wire with a bend in one end. 

I left the top unglued to make it easier to get around in there, especially since none of the pieces are attached or adhered in any way and I inevitably knock something (usually lots of somethings) over. The lamp hadn't gotten its shade when the pic was taken. 

Here is the adorable Thread Cabinet that really opens:

And with a ruler for scale:

There is an excellent tutorial on Casey's Minis for a miniature sewing box, which is what that is on the right. The cigar box is a 1" Faux Book Box and it holds tiny spools of thread. The last thing I made for the Quilter's Nook was a floor lamp, in case the wee crafter wanted to get some sewing done at night. The tutorial for that was posted yesterday.

Finally comes the link to the oodles and oodles of supplies I used from Alpha Stamps.  Happy crafting to you!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Miniature Floor Lamp Tutorial

I recently found myself in need of a mini floor lamp for a project and constructed one from various odds and ends.


1/8" wooden dowel
LED balloon light
Finishing washer
6mm Raw Brass Bead Cap or half of a snap would work
Fabric covered wire
Heavy/quality crepe paper

Wrap fabric covered wire around LED balloon bulb.

Remove light and bend ends of wire down.

Drill a small hole in both ends of dowel and stick wire in one end.

Glue 6mm raw brass bead cap or half of a snap into other end. 

Glue onto a decorative button for the base. I popped the rose center out of a gold button and tried that out, but ultimately I went with gluing a brass washer onto a white button and attaching the pole to that.

Spray paint entire thing in whatever color. I had white, so white it is. The shade is simply a rectangle of heavy crepe paper that I stretched out along one long side, then glued the ends together.

Place LED balloon light inside and light up your miniature room! Tomorrow I'll show you where I put it and give you a link for all the pieces I used for the lamp.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

It's a Circus Around Here!

Craftster has been clowning around all day today. Everyone has new circus themed avatars and some commonly used words have been replaced with circus related ones. The Moderators have shared projects that they crafted with the Big Top in mind, and the Featured Projects is a collection of past circus-y goodness! It is tons of April Fool's fun. 

However! I must have missed the memo about how many projects a mod could/should/would make and went a little peanuts. Well, A LOT peanuts. 

First, I made Mr. Bobinski's Mouse Circus. (Working on a video tutorial in case you have the desire to make your own.)

And then I crocheted Lola the Elephant, who stands tall at 6".

Then came all of the hats I crocheted for Chaircat Mao, the most meh cat on the planet. 

Ringmaster Mao

Chaircat Pow

Cottoncandycat mao

Clowncat Mao
I won't tell you that I have another circus project (for another day) as well as one more hat for Chair. Enough is enough, and enough was five projects ago. Happy April Fool's Day!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Chaircat Mao's Holiday Hats

For whatever reason, I have chosen to crochet hats for my less-than-amused cat, Chaircat Mao. I'd like to say it is because she is a stellar model and is proud of her keen fashion sense, but no. Mostly it is because I like to crochet absurd stuff and put it on my cat's head. So far, there is a chapeau for Christmas, New Year's, Valentine's Day, and Saint Patrick's. That cat is a trooper, for sure.

Uh, no.


Not cool, not cool at all.


She secretly likes them. That is what I am telling myself as I crochet her Easter hat...

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Mysterious Masquerade Altered Tin

I've been on a tin kick lately and so made another one, this time with a Venetian masquerade theme. The oh-so-gorgeous G45 Midnight Masquerade papers complemented the two saucy women I chose for the tin. In addition to the Masquerade paper pads, Alpha Stamps carries a very cool Quatrefoil Texture Sheet and a chipboard Fleur Border, both of which worked well with what I was going for.

The Quatrefoil Texture Sheet was trimmed and sprayed with Lindy's Stamp Gang Spray in Witch's Potion Purple- that shimmer!- and then the quatrefoil shapes were painted with Liquid Pearls in Ancient Gold. I also spritzed the frame at the bottom with the purple, as well as the Fleur Border using Glory of the Seas Gold in the Mermaid Set of Lindy's Stamp Gang Spray because that stuff is fantastic and shiny and all things good. The perimeter of the tin is rimmed in gold seed beads with red micro bead centers. I can't help but think of olives.

The top of the tin has a pile of luscious paper gardenias and the whole thing was glued to an old mini tart tin. The image on the back came from the Midnight Masquerade 8x8 pad and to finish it off I glued a Brass Mask with Scalloped Edge to the bottom.

Happy March to you!

Supply List:

Midnight Masquerade 12x12 Patterns and Solids Paper Pad
Midnight Masquerade Savor the Magic Scrapbook Paper
Midnight Masquerade Romantic Rendezvous Scrapbook Paper
Midnight Masquerade Moonlight Mystery Scrapbook Paper
6x6 Quatrefoil Texture Sheet
Fleur Border
Brass Mask with Scalloped Edge
Gardenias- Mixed Cream Lavender Purple
Mini Rose Buds- Turquoise Variegated
Blank Altoid Tin
Fairy Tale Frames Insert
Art Deco Party #2 Collage Sheet
The Secret Collage Sheet
Christmas Red Stickles
Lindy's Stamp Gang Starburst Spray- Haunted Halloween Set (awesome)
Lindy's Stamp Gang Starburst Spray Mermaid Seashells Set (equally awesome)
Liquid Pearls- Ancient Gold
Micro Beads Red Pearl
5mm Clear Iridescent Star Sequins

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A Wedding Coach for Cinderella

 Cinderella has made her appearance at Alpha Stamps for February (and I was ecstatic about getting a 3D version of the fanciful Cinderella Coach Album). The coach is smaller than the album at about 3 1/2" high by 5" wide; it is dainty enough for a wedding cake!

I didn't stray too far from a classic version of a royal wedding carriage, or at least my version of one, and painted it white with little adornments. The bride is supposed to be the star of the show, right? 

The Tiny Dot Dresden Borders worked out nicely for window trim, so that and a few fancy embellishments was all it really needed. And a bunch of roses. Oh, and tulle curtains. 

And maybe two suede cushions with gold trim. Plus a coating of White Opal Liquid Pearls to give the coach a pearlescent shimmer to it. (I just painted it on over the white gesso base coat.) But that's about it. Well, I did add a door handle- a snippet of toothpick and a flat back brass stud- and sprinkled a few more of those studs here and there.

The last thing I added was a white paper lollipop stick on the back of the carriage because I wanted a place to tie golden jingle bells. That's it!

Okay, okay, I also hacked the coach up a tad, but it is an easy alteration. Here is the assembled coach from the kit, and I just gave it a different floor: 

Mark floor of coach at the door opening.

This is the floor of the coach. The back of the coach is on the left and the front is on the right. Mark a line that is 22mm from the left and 37mm from the right. Cut along lines. Save that extra piece!

The two new pieces have been glued in place and the extra will be glued to the underside of the seats.

Cut two 12mm sections from the extra piece. Save that thin strip!

Glue 12mm pieces to the underside of floor and along edge of door on both sides.

Cut an 80mm x 48mm rectangle from thin cardboard, then wrap it around a coffee mug and hold it in place with a rubber band. This really should be Step 1, so by the time you get to this stage your cardboard will have a nice curve to it. Anyway!

Glue the thin strip left over from the last step on the underside of the coach, about 15mm from the right edge. The front of the coach is still on the right and the back of the coach is on the left.

Run a line of glue along the edge of the strip and also along the piece that protrudes slightly from the back.

Hold. Hold. Hold.

Then bippity, boppity, boo! A coach fit for a Princess, no Fairy Godmother needed.

HERE is a list of supplies I used