Saturday, August 1, 2015

It's a Boneyard Bash!

Hallowe'en is creeping up on us like Nosferatu on a staircase, and I couldn't be happier. Like a lot of people, I am a Hallowe'enie. Bring on the skeletons, zombies, and all the vintage horror! Yay!

I was especially thrilled when I learned that the ghouls at Alpha Stamps get in the spirit  early on with Magic Potions, an Alchemist's Workshop, and Cemeteries. Bats, cats, tombstones, gothic fence, kitschy zombie, it's all there in the August kit.


The zombie just kills me. He glows in the dark, too, which makes him even deader better. I think I'll add a magnet on the back and stick him to the fridge. That way he can greet everyone that's looking for a bite to eat. 

To make your own you'll need August's Cemetery kit, a bit of moss and plant-y material, black paint, Stickles, and glue. Paint the base of the jewelry box black, then glue in a cemetery image from the Cemetery Tombstone Silhouettes collage sheet. Paint the Mini Chipboard Gothic Fence black, stick a foam adhesive circle to the back of the fence, then press it into the box. Cut out a tombstone and glue it in place. I have some noxious green fibers and used gel medium to stick them to the tombstone and fence, only because it was laying on the table and I thought why not. I also spritzed the background with Lindy's Stamp Gang Spray but it is because I love that stuff and spray all the things. To keep the zombie finger puppet from lurching out of the box, smash a bit of styrofoam in his gut before gluing him in. Glue the moss, plant bits, and black bat in place. Finish off with some Stickles around the edges. Enjoy your rotter.

Well that was fun, but a different kind of cemetery project was gnawing at me. 

Creepy spider baby with glowy eyeballs, undead children, haunted house, suspicious things in the windows...that's what I'm coffin about. 

 Oooh, spooky twins! My favorite! Is it just me, or is there a moustache on the girl behind the tree?

 There is something thrilling going on inside the haunted house. 

It's a Boneyard Bash! They are having a hair-raising good time.

Wine, a different kind of potion.

There is always that guy at a party. How dreadful.

The base of the cemetery is a lid from a Rectangular Kraft Box. I taped lengths of styrofoam around the perimeter, Mod Podged paper towels to the entire thing, and then painted it. A gnarly tree, raven, a bit of wrought iron fence, and a few Walkers were glued to the base before adding lots of moss and different colors of fall foliage. What about those pumpkin pods? They are to die for! Red LED lights turned the already unsettling spider baby into a demonic horror! The Haunted House was constructed from a Mini Configurations Box, and the windows are these with the top half chopped off. The door and window frames on the inside of the house came from the Tiny Little Coffins-Decayed collage sheet. I found black tulle fringe became perfect curtains and a table cover, and this bat topped off the cardboard roof nicely. The inside of the house is pretty simple; all of the party goers came from collage sheets HERE.

What a treat to be brewing up Hallowe'en art in August. Get your spook on and make something bootiful today!

Click HERE to see all the goodies I used in The Boneyard Bash. While checking out all of the new stuff, don't lose your brains and forget about that awesome zombie.