Sunday, September 4, 2016


August is the busiest month for me every year. Mostly because I am making school preparations for the smallish people's upcoming year, but also because I am trying to cram in as much art as possible before returning to our homeschooling routine. September is here and we're in our groove now, which means a little time to breathe and post some stuff.

Most of the month was dedicated to this lovely lady, a vintage cowgirl that I embroidered for a special friend on Craftster.

She's embroidered in one and two strands of floss and the finished size is 8". I should have considered the size beforehand because it would be nicer if it fit in a smaller hoop, but alas! forethought and me are not such good friends. 

Made some ATCs. Acrylic paint on cardboard of Todd McFarlane's Spawn, issue 1.

photo: Krafty_Karasu

Pointillism ATC of our kitty, Chaircat Mao, dressed in a shirt and bow tie. Poor cat.

Making crocheted blocks for a Frida's Flowers blanket CAL on's slow progress. 

Destashed the mound of hoarded shirts by sewing a quilt for my son. 

Took a stroll through Bonaventure Cemetery and snapped loads of pictures.

Went to one of the hubs's shows. Just to be clear, I have one husband that played more than one show.

Took a random pic of Barbies in a bin. Zero effort there.

Now to clean up the craft table so I can go make a different mess with Alpha Stamps stuff.