Friday, December 28, 2018

Valentine House with Mini Envelopes

I have had a really sweet house shaped room box from Alpha Stamps for a while and was considering what it should be used for. It has sat, fully assembled, upon the craft table for days (okay, it has been weeks!) waiting for inspiration...until now! Leslie, knowing I like things in miniature, sent me a paper punch of a teensy envelope to play around with. I looked at the punch, then the neglected room box, and I thought of a Valentine "mailbox" with four little cubbyholes for sweets and love notes.

The tiny paper chains remind me of art class in grade school because, you know, that's what you make in 3rd grade. In fact, this entire project feels a lot like Valentine's Day in elementary school; busy, messy, fun, and exciting all in one. The only thing missing is a cupcake. Haphazardly frosted, of course.

There's one of those teensy envelopes in the attic of the house...I'm pretty sure I am addicted to making them. They are just too cute!

And that dapper meercat! Lookit that face! I love that guy. Most of the cubbies have wee Valentine boxes plus gift bags and cards from the Tiny Little Valentine collage sheet. There are so many cat Valentines on that particular collage sheet so naturally I added them ALL.

I used pinking shears to cut out zig zag strips of paper for the front, and the paper chains are simply short lengths of pink and red paper that I rolled around a knitting needle before gluing together. Do you see the little red, white, and pink hearts? They were cut from a polymer cane and helped fill the space. I used them everywhere.

More of those adorable envelopes. I have added love notes, glitter, and confetti inside most of them.

It's funny how inspiration can come from a single thing. I'm happy that my little house is no longer naked. Thanks for the envelope punch that started it all, Leslie!

All of the sweet supplies can be found RIGHT HERE.

Happy crafting to you!

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