Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Marie Under the Sea Tin

What's this? Something that is NOT Halloween themed? How did that happen?! I don't know exactly, but I was feeling like making something kooky, which lead to gluing a fish tail on Marie and giving her a jellyfish parasol.

Weird? Yes. But it did the job of satisfying that want, and it was finished in two hours. That is the beauty of altered tins. They are small, fun, and quick to complete.

After deciding to put Marie "under the sea", the first thing I did was mix some resin and pour a tiny bit into a small plastic cup. I flicked Alcohol Pearls on the surface and added glitter. When the resin hardened, it was popped out of the cup and trimmed in half. I glued some teal fibers and a flower stamen to the cut side and created (what I thought) looked like a jellyfish umbrella. Twin 1 said it was ridiculous and made no sense whatsoever, so I felt I had achieved my goal.

The bottom of the tin is filled with seed beads, seashells, and glittery bits. The base of the tin is a wooden spool glued to a peg doll stand. Bam, done!

And now for something completely different! (Spoiler alert. It is probably Halloween-y.)

A list of supplies used can be found RIGHT HERE

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  1. I really love this! I was like - WOW - Mermaid! yes. Thanks for posting her.