Saturday, October 19, 2019

Fun with Miniature Things

Hallowe'en is creeping up, folks! It's scary to think there's less than two weeks left to prepare before the big night. I still have costumes to finish, ghoulish food to bake, monster movies to watch, and projects to do! Eeeek!

This project, which was frightfully difficult to photograph, is a weird one. I had bits and bobs all over the craft table and I decided to take a sec to throw something together. 

It started with a 3" Tall Apothecary Jar with Lid from Alpha Stamps, ceramic She Devil and Large Skeleton beads, and a snippet of a Creepy Tree.

These two are tying the knot in a spooky cemetery, so they had to dress their best. 

The fence is the bottom half of the one found in the Small Haunted House Windows and Trims set. I used thin wisps of wool roving for cobwebs as well as "invisible" thread to hang those ridiculously tiny bats from the tree. I'm legally blind now.

Hope you enjoyed this weird wedding project! Happy Hallowe'en!

Supply List can be found HERE.


  1. I don't always comment, but I look at all your marvelous creations. Especially like this one!