Thursday, November 28, 2019

Happy Holidays!

It is time to get ready for Christmas! I usually start hauling out the colossal collection of holiday decorations directly after Thanksgiving, mostly because it takes a solid week of deciding what items are going to be used, and where are they going to be placed, and...Jiminy Christmas, this year I'm demanding that the Harry Potter tree get placed in front of the window!

In preparation for the whole-house decorating, I decided to spend a little time making a 1:12 scale Christmas room box complete with a cozy fireplace. And a cat. Can't forget the cat.

I started with a 7x7 Corner Room Box and cute white wooden rocking chair from Alpha Stamps. The chair didn't need any altering at all other than a blanket, pillow, and the cat. I did assemble and paint the Candlestick Table Kit to match, but that's easy stuff.

The fireplace is a Deep Open Front 4.5 x 5.5 Shadowbox and a Fireplace Facade glued to the front. I added thin strips of lightweight card along the top, apron, bottom, and around the surround, then made a mantel from a rectangle of thin basswood. The inside (which was done before the front was glued on) is Red Brick Wall Scrapbook paper and an old pebble-y paper that has been in the stash for eons. I painted the fireplace a nice pale eggnog color before adding glowing embers, beautiful Victorian Andirons, and a sprinkling of actual ash from our fire pit. The andirons are heavy cast metal that I painted with metallic rust acrylic. They would look pretty in black, too!

The wee stockings only needed stuffing with candy canes, a present, and a tiny Santa. I removed the original contents from the red Mini Filled Christmas Stocking, reused the chocolate bar that came with it, added a hanging loop, and fluffed out the fur along the top. The Green Mini Stocking with Lace is so cute that I didn't do anything to it. I also made a festive garland and centerpiece for the fireplace using two Wired Pine Needle Stems. It was really easy to do, and the most time-consuming part was waiting for the glue to dry.

The Wired Pine Needle Stem was bent into a shape that I liked before miniature pears, oranges, and apples were glued on. Please ignore the super glue in this picture and use something like Tacky Glue to add the decoration since some superglue will leave a whitish discoloration on your project. I don't know if this brand will or not, but I decided I didn't want to find out and have to start all over. The gold walnuts are flower stamens. That's it. Instant golden walnuts. To make the bows, I made tiny loops of ribbon and glued all the loops together, making a fuller bow. The centerpiece is two lengths of the same stem with a metal urn glued in between with more fruit on the top. I didn't have it, but this white vase would look pretty in the center. 

Along the top of the fireplace is a folded square of paper to make a larger Rustic Star, a framed collage sheet image, and finally a few Retro Bottle Brush trees that are potted in white canisters. If I have a miniature canister, you can bet I am absolutely going to stick a decal or tiny sticker on it. And if I have FIVE canisters? Well, they all get stickers! (Pssst, I added a plant to a Red Canister that came with its own sticker!)

Leslie gave me my Christmas gift early- Tiny Round Christmas Labels to put on tiny round things like this Half Scale Round Cookie Tin. Thank you!
Now that my mini Christmas decorating is finished, I think I'm going to pull out the Harry Potter tree and put it in front of the window before anyone realizes what is happening.

Happy Holidays to you!

To see a list of the supplies used, GO HERE.

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