Wednesday, March 11, 2020

The Egg Artist's Workshop

The March kit from Alpha Stamps, adorably named Mr. Bunny's Egg House, is (so far) my personal favorite of the many niche shrines available. After one look I pretty much knew what it was going to be, but quickly realized the potential for this little egg. Turn it on its side, add mini grapevine wreath wheels, and make a springtime egg car? Sure. What about having rocket thrusters on the bottom and bunny astronauts inside? I can see it. How about decorating six tiny shrines in different papers to make them look like decorated eggs and spelling EASTER inside the eggs? Add a string and hang it on the mantel or wall! So many ideas!

I loved the idea of Mr. Bunny's Egg House from the outset and went with creating a workshop where Mr. B paints all of the eggs for spring.

Cute Niche Shutters were added to the front along with a scalloped-edge roof and wee flower box. The flower box is simply a few strips of heavy cardstock glued together (and I promise it is, in fact, under all of those flowers). 

The smallest size of the Bunny and Egg Borders came in handy for the top of the window. It's so cute! To make the workshop inside the niche, I built a tiny table from toothpicks and basswood, then painted it white. On top of the table are the itty bittiest of mini eggs I "decorated", then glued atop a gold earring back, which, in my head, looks like an egg stand. There's also a couple of paintbrushes in a mason jar, and a bit of paint in another jar.

The roof is nothing more than a cardboard triangle with strips of scalloped shingles glued to it; when the strips were dry, I turned over the roof and trimmed off the excess. I wanted Mr. B's workshop to stand, so the picket fence was added to the front. The fence spent a day or two wrapped around a pint of paint with a giant rubber band to hold it in place, and even after painting, it kept its curved shape. 

A quick DIY egg roof:

Cut a triangle shape you like. Mine is 2 1/2" wide x 1 1/4" tall.

Glue strips of scalloped shingles to the triangle.

Snip off excess.


Now that Mr. Bunny's Egg Workshop is complete, I can't help but think of the other niche shrines I haven't yet made. Then again, a rocket egg with space bunnies sounds pretty great.

Happy spring to you!

HERE is where you'll find all of the supplies used for Mr. B's workshop. 

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