Saturday, October 7, 2017

Ghost in a Glitter House and Halloween Blocks!

Putz houses have to be one of the greatest things on the planet. They are small, charming, and covered in GLITTER. What could be better than that? But it is not quite time for Christmas crafting, so I made a Hallowe'en version instead. Alpha Stamps has a miniature House Ornament that happens to be perfect for making your own glitter house. I think an entire village of shimmering houses in orange, purple, green, and black would be the bat's wings!

I glued the house together, painted it orange and the window frames silver. The window trims were painted black and then dipped in a pile of black glitter. After gluing on the window trims, each side of the house was slathered in glue and dusted (more like enveloped!) in orange glitter. The roof was added and covered in black glitter, and finally the chimney was glued on top.

The base is a box from a Tim Holtz Configurations Shadowbox but I had to cut and reassemble it to fit the house. I love the candy corn trees, even though my kids informed me that "candy corn is orange in the middle and yellow at the end, geez, Mom!" The trees are dyeable bottle brush trees painted with acrylic paints. 

There is a wee ghostie hanging out inside the house, ready to get his spook on.

And he glows! Before assembling the roof, I cut a hole in the floor of the house that was the same diameter as the flame of one of those LED tea lights. The base also got a hole so the flame of the tealight could be inserted from the bottom and poke through the floor. To make the ghost, I shaped a bit of aluminum foil like a hill and covered it with crepe paper and glue. The foil was removed from the dried ghost and I glued the shape over the hole in the floor. The tealight was inserted under the base and I had an illuminated apparition. OOOoooooo!

The supply list for the glitter house can be found HERE.

Because I want to make all of the Hallowe'en things, but locking myself in the craft room and ignoring my family is frowned upon, I crafted some quick EEK blocks for a friend. Tiny House Jewelry pieces became row houses on top of 1" blocks. I made crepe paper medallions and glued a vintage button on top, then added plastic letters to the front of each block. The houses were painted and decorated with collage sheet images, and that was that!

The supplies used can be found right HERE.

Happy October to you!