Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Hallowe'en Party Shrine

Anyone else ready for a cool Autumn breeze? It has been unbearably hot here, like, if-you-go-outside-you-will-burst-into-flames unbearable, so even a temperature less than sweltering would be welcomed. Not interested in being aflame, I turned off all the lights, removed as much clothing one can before upsetting family members, and huddled over a little Hallowe'en project. 

it's so hot the camera melted

I covered an Arched Shrine Shadowbox (which is about 6 7/8" tall by 4" wide and 2 1/2" deep) with paper from the very cute All Hallow's Eve 12 x 12 Collection Pack. Deciding which paper to use was nearly impossible. There are goofy little pumpkins, happy ghosts, and a damask pattern (with cats!), but in the end, I went with the stars, dots, and witchy hats and legs.

The table is made from a Set of Wooden Table Legs and a rectangle of basswood. It was stained with watered-down brown acrylic paint and a scrap of fabric was glued on top for the tablecloth. 

I was happy to have a 3-Tier Cupcake stand handy because otherwise I would've run out of space pretty quickly! (Actually, there's still surface area there...darn.) All of the cookies on the stand as well as the black and white checkerboard cookies and bats and ghosts are simply slices of polymer clay canes. The white cakes were made with a Mini Bundt Cake Silicone Mold and a dash of glitter. The moon and star cookies were also made with a mold (Mini Halloween Icons Mold; I LOVE this thing), plus more glitter or Liquid Pearls. The ghost on the top of the tiered stand can also be made with that mold! I "free-sculpted" the lollipops, cupcakes, and witch hat treats, so that's why they're a tad lumpy. They are also microscopic, which could be part of the reason. The metal cookie tins were covered with strips of washi tape and the round tin got a vintage image for the lid. 

Aren't those masks fun? Can't have a party without those! The elastic bands on the back is just sewing thread. Love those kooky pumpkins too!

And lastly, here is the shelf along the tippy top. It was stained like the table and I glued a squiggly length of Miniature Orange Tinsel Garland to the front. The banner was cut from the Halloween Clock Spinners collage sheet and the clock is another vintage image glued to a button. I searched for two hours for the tiny watch hands that "were right here yesterday!" and after locating them (in a tiny bag that was taped to the sewing machine so I could find them, ahem), they were stuck to the front of the clock. Along the shelf are kitchen canisters with Tiny Halloween Black Stickers stuck to them. They originally had "flour", "tea" and "sugar" written on them, but a quick scrape with a scalpel removed them. The lid handles are colored with a Sharpie. You can't see it, but the pickle jar on the far right has a removable lid so you can fill it with whatever creepy stuff you'd like. I found some moss on the cat's tail...she didn't seem to care.

Mother Nature has just delivered a torrential downpour. If going outside was difficult earlier, it is now impossible. Not because of the rain, but because the humidity is now around 900%. Yay. Guess I will have to make something else. It's a good thing I have a giant box of Hallowe'en goodies from Alpha Stamps!

Here is where you will find a List of All Supplies used!


  1. This is so creative and festive! It's totally put me in the mood for crafting!

  2. A festive Halloween party for sure. I'd like to see one with spooky kids in costume trick or treating
    the haunted mansion or hotel. Who's scaring whoooooo?