Saturday, September 14, 2019

Happy Halloween Tiny Shrine

Can it be?? Is Hallowe'en really just six weeks away?! Nooooooooooo!!! I still have a giant pile of spooky things to make!

This latest Hallowe'en project was a quickie craft mostly because I have been too busy all week to do anything creative. How sad. So today I told all of my smallish people to pretend I was invisible. Someone decided Boo Berry was a suitable lunch.

I had been sent a sweet Small Simple Shrine from Alpha Stamps and right away knew I had to use the Articulated Skeleton (ahem, his name is Hubert) for this project. He fit so perfectly!

I basically just covered the entire shrine with paper from the Happy Halloween 6x6 Paper Pad and painted the inside. There's a Creepy Tree in there, and a Tiny Tombstone, Hubert, of course, as well as a snippet of Gothic fence! Hubert is holding a Halloween flag made from a toothpick and some text from the Retro Halloween Cards and Tags collage sheet. And since I live in a spooky southern city, I had to add creepy moss to the tree. Fall foliage was used to cover the bottom. This shrine is about 1/2" deep and held all of that with room to spare. Pretty impressive!

Here is the back minus the small picture hook that belongs on the back. The shrine is so small (2 1/2" wide x 4" tall) that it will fit nearly anywhere. Hubert is going in the bathroom once I get to the hardware store to pick up the hook. Since the smallish people (at least one of them) ate monster cereal for lunch, I suppose I will wait until tomorrow to get the hook and instead cook something decent for dinner.

Guess what? I managed a super fast second project after dinner! I was cleaning up after the speed craft episode earlier and made three treat bags. Using the super cute Retro Halloween Party Invitations collage sheet, Happy Halloween paper, and All Hallow's Eve paper that was strewn about the craft table, I managed to create three simple treat bags for a party. 

I made paper medallions from black or orange crepe paper, layered a circle of mesh fabric on top of that, followed by a circle of scrapbook paper, and finally an image from the collage sheet. Pretty basic. Kinda cute.

I'd like to say I'm going to clean up the disaster that is now my craft table, but with only six weeks 'til Hallowe'en that seems pointless. Might as well leave all of this stuff out and craft all the things!

You can go HERE to see the supplies I used.

Happy Hallowe'en crafting to you!

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