Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Wonderland is Better

I've expressed my love for all of the niche shrines from Alpha Stamps before, but I'm going to repeat myself. I love those things! I've gotten my hands on quite a few of them, and the newest one is just as enjoyable. Especially if it's Alice or Hallowe'en themed! Both of those ideas would work well with the potion bottle shape of the new niche shrine. I went with Alice and am saving Hallowe'en for another project.

The shrine was covered with Alice Herself Scrapbook Paper and the images are from the new Drink Me collage sheet. I love that collage sheet as much as all of the niche shrines; choosing an Alice for the inside was nearly impossible. 

I decided to squish Alice inside the niche and added the White Rabbit to the outside. Alice has stacked adhesive pop dots behind her to place her a bit closer, and there is also a small sliver of pop dot behind the Rabbit's fan. On the uncut image of Alice and the Rabbit, the fan is drawn over Alice's hair, so I used a duplicate of the same image to cut out the fan and put it where I wanted. 

Another great thing about this shrine is the separate shaped chipboard blanks in case you want to have the shrine stand alone vs using the included hanger. I papered the bottle shape and glued it to the back of the niche portion of the shrine. I had considered using another bottle blank and hinge it to the front like a book, so you could open it to reveal a little scene inside. Maybe next time!

The tree (which I failed to take pictures of during construction) is made from four cloth covered florist stems that were twisted together for the trunk and separated at the top to create branches. Brown crepe paper was twisted around the wires and glued together with watered down Tacky Glue. The blossoms were punched from pink tissue paper using a Bellflower Mini Punch and glued on to the tree. 

Not too much was done to the back - a simple Altoids Insert Vignette frames another Alice from the Drink Me collage sheet, and the hearts were punched from a Heart Mini Punch. Now to work on that Hallowe'en project...

Happy crafting!

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