Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Gypsy Caravan Niche Shrine

I've been on a niche shrine kick for a bit, filling the recesses with different kinds of miniatures, adding little shelves in some, and using collage sheet images for others. The variety of niche shrines Alpha Stamps carries (not to mention the extra bits that work well with so many of them) means I can continue to make them for a while yet. :)

I used parts from the Moroccan Doorways April Kit and a lovely Moonshine Frame to build a small gypsy caravan. It's about 5" tall and 3.5" wide, and a cinch to make.

The spoked wheels give it more of a caravan feel. Actually, the wheels kinda make it what it is. And the sloped roof, of course. All I did was chop off the top of the House Shaped ATC Frame Set and add a scrap of cardboard along the top, like so:

Draw a curve from corner to corner on both pieces of the House Frame...

and cut them off! Well, I have other pictures showing how to cut the strip for the roof but they are giving me trouble and refuse to upload. Sigh. All I did was trace along the new curved roof onto the cardboard and extended it a little longer, then cut it out.

All of the House Shaped ATC Frame edges were painted black (who am I kidding, I used a Sharpie) and each side of the frame was covered with the gorgeous paper from the Moroccan Doorways kit. On the front and back of the caravan is the decorative crimson side of the Grand Bazaar Folklore paper. I flipped the paper over and covered the interior sides of the caravan. The Moonshine frame and new roof were painted with regular craft paint, and I went around the edges with a white gel pen to add some decoration. I did cut off the bottom of the Moonshine Frame and reconfigured it so the caravan could have "steps" and a place for two "handrails" (wood flooring scrapbook paper for the steps and the same paper curled into a fun shape for the handrails). 

After that, I simply stuffed the niche with paper from the Grand Bazaar Doorway Scrapbook paper and a few fussy cut images, then glued vellum to back of the cutouts on the Moonshine frame before sticking it over the shrine's opening. The back was done in a similar way.

Just the center section of the Triple Arch Frame was used for the back, and the lopped off bits have gone into a scrap bin. You never know when they'll be useful! I was happy to find a nice spot for the Gypsy Queen Moth Cling Stamp too. It's a great stamp.

Another niche shrine done! I have a nice collection of them now and have ideas for at least six more. Spoiler: five of them are Halloween themed!

HERE is the supply list used for the Gypsy Caravan Niche Shrine

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