Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Happy Halloween Ornaments

This is my favorite time to craft, especially with miniatures, because a bunch of new spooky stuff is available at Alpha Stamps and I am itching to get my hands on it. There's quite a few partially begun Hallowe'en projects littering my craft table, but lately the days have run into one another and before I knew it, the month was half gone! Eeek! 

I couldn't let another day slip by without making something, so I grabbed a few things, snipped some bits, and glued stuff to stuff and after only a tiny while had two small hanging ornaments. 

Originally, the plans for the Large Spider Web Mirror Frame were a tad more elaborate than what it turned into, but using it for this project means I will have to get more stuff from Alpha Stamps. I am not broken up about that. :D

Before telling you how these ornaments were made (which is scary easy), I first must say how impossible it is to photograph shiny, glittery, reflective things. It's the pits. For instance, the spider web in the first ornament was painted with a silver guilding paste (so shiny) before being covered with Stickles glitter glue (more shinies). I used Silks shimmer acrylic paint on the spider but alas! All of the sparkle is lost in the picture. 

Anyway, to make the ornament, all I did was paint and paper the Large Spider Web Mirror Frame, dismember and reassemble a skeleton, add some eyeballs (or at least one...I think he's winking), a witch hat from the Mini Witchy Shape Set, and a BOO banner. There's a glass cabochon over the spider which looks really nice. You'll have to trust me on that one.

The other ornament is made from a Snow Globe Shaker, a really neat item that I also had other plans for, but those plans went out the window once I realized the Black Acrylic Lying Cat and a broom from the Mini Witchy Set fit so nicely on it. The Witch Shaker Ornament was painted black, papered on the front and inside, the cat and a "witch" from the Cinderella Silhouettes Set were glued in, as well as a sprinkling of Glow in the Dark Moon and Stars Slice Mix and Black Iridescent Mini Bats. Yes, I glued the stars and bats in place so, technically, this isn't a shaker at all. Sometimes crafting in an hour leads to forgetting to add the thing that makes it a thing. Oh well. It is still fun. Did I mention it glows in the dark?? 

It is not my week for photography...

So there you have it. Two very quick, very Halloweenie ornaments to hang on the wall or, if you go all out, on your ghastly black tree. Be bootiful, folks!

GO HERE to see the list of supplies for these easy ornaments!

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