Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Mini Herb Hutch

 I got my hands on a gorgeous paper pad from Alpha Stamps called The Herbarium, and let me tell you, it is lovely! There are 20 different designs printed on quality paper, and several of the designs have a pearlescent sheen. It is definitely one of those paper pads that you buy because it brings you joy. (That's not just me, right?)

I used a few of the papers for a Mini Herb Hutch project:

The hutch itself was created by stacking a Storage Hutch on top of a Retro Coffee Table - Center Divider. I turned the Storage hutch on its side, painted and papered it, then dry brushed a bit of metallic paint all over. A few thin strips of heavy cardboard were glued along the top. I cut out two pieces of heavy cardboard slightly larger than the top of the Retro Coffee Table and glued them to the top and bottom of the table. It was painted the same as the hutch top before I glued the pieces together. Four feet cut from cardboard and balsa wood were attached, and that was it!

It's kind of fun having so many cubbies to tuck tiny things into! There are grungy bottles filled with dried herbs, mini potted plants, a tray, jars, canisters, plates, a wee linseed oil canister tucked in the back...


...a painted watering can stuffed with some plant, a 1 Inch Detailed Resin Skull, more canisters and bottles, and the smallest of mushrooms under a glass globe. I painted the mushroom caps with metallic paint before sticking them into a disk of polymer clay. The globe was slid over the top. 


There's another group of mushrooms in one of the cubbies, several plants here and there, and two ice cube trays used for potting little sprouts. The sitting cat reminded me of Minerva McGonagall, so I should give her tiny spectacles.

Here's how I altered the Retro Coffee Table before gluing the Storage Hutch to it. It is really very simple, and it doesn't take too much to transform a few things into something brand new.

Heavy cardboard and balsa used for legs

Rectangles of heavy cardboard on top and bottom of Retro Coffee Table (the rectangles of cardboard measure 1 5/8" x 4 1/8")

Glue legs to bottom

And there you have it. GO HERE to see all of the supplies used for my mini herb hutch, and then go get crafty!