Saturday, April 1, 2017

It's a Circus Around Here!

Craftster has been clowning around all day today. Everyone has new circus themed avatars and some commonly used words have been replaced with circus related ones. The Moderators have shared projects that they crafted with the Big Top in mind, and the Featured Projects is a collection of past circus-y goodness! It is tons of April Fool's fun. 

However! I must have missed the memo about how many projects a mod could/should/would make and went a little peanuts. Well, A LOT peanuts. 

First, I made Mr. Bobinski's Mouse Circus. (Working on a video tutorial in case you have the desire to make your own.)

And then I crocheted Lola the Elephant, who stands tall at 6".

Then came all of the hats I crocheted for Chaircat Mao, the most meh cat on the planet. 

Ringmaster Mao

Chaircat Pow

Cottoncandycat mao

Clowncat Mao
I won't tell you that I have another circus project (for another day) as well as one more hat for Chair. Enough is enough, and enough was five projects ago. Happy April Fool's Day!