Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Miniature Floor Lamp Tutorial

I recently found myself in need of a mini floor lamp for a project and constructed one from various odds and ends.


1/8" wooden dowel
LED balloon light
Finishing washer
6mm Raw Brass Bead Cap or half of a snap would work
Fabric covered wire
Heavy/quality crepe paper

Wrap fabric covered wire around LED balloon bulb.

Remove light and bend ends of wire down.

Drill a small hole in both ends of dowel and stick wire in one end.

Glue 6mm raw brass bead cap or half of a snap into other end. 

Glue onto a decorative button for the base. I popped the rose center out of a gold button and tried that out, but ultimately I went with gluing a brass washer onto a white button and attaching the pole to that.

Spray paint entire thing in whatever color. I had white, so white it is. The shade is simply a rectangle of heavy crepe paper that I stretched out along one long side, then glued the ends together.

Place LED balloon light inside and light up your miniature room! Tomorrow I'll show you where I put it and give you a link for all the pieces I used for the lamp.