Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Pop Up Alice in a Matchbox

I got to try out a Matchbox Ticket Journal from Alpha Stamps and turned it into a weensy pop up book featuring Alice in Wonderland. The accordion folded pages can be glued together or left in one long strip, which means both the front and back could be used. Fun stuff!

My little matchbox is pretty simplistic and an easy enough project to do in an afternoon. 

The inside of the matchbox was covered with a page from an old copy of Alice in Wonderland:

And the book opens to reveal four pop up pages.

The faces of the Cheshire cat are double sided, mostly because I wanted to use ALL the cats.

The pop ups in this book are all the same, and insanely easy to do. First, cut out an image that you want to use, like this:

Then score it down the center or wherever you want the middle fold to be. Fold the two end pieces, making sure the image fits inside the book when it is closed. I just eye balled it and it worked out fine.

Glue one end piece to the page.

Add glue to other end piece, fold image in half, then close the book.

Hold, hold, hold...repeat for additional pages then enjoy your book!

Now go think of six impossible things before breakfast and get creative!

The Supply List can be found HERE!

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