Wednesday, September 18, 2019

A Creepy Crib and Carriage

Today's project was a collaboration between Leslie and I; we were talking about Hallowe'en, of course, miniatures, and babies?? I can't quite remember exactly how babies became part of the conversation (demon spawn may have been mentioned...) but next thing I knew, there was a package from Alpha Stamps in my mailbox. Inside was a plastic bag with some parts and the words "crib?" on the outside. Hmmm, well okay!

Inside the bag was a Bagatelle Box - 2x3 Inches, a few Miniature Gothic Fences, and four Short Cabriole Legs. That was the perfect start to a very creepy crib! I added a Miniature Reliquary as a headboard and a few claws...

Morticia Addams would be pleased. 

The construction was incredibly easy. I used the back of the Bagatelle box for the bottom of the crib and cut one Gothic Fence to fit the foot end of the crib. The other two fence pieces fit without trimming. Everything was painted black and the fence sections were glued to the Bagatelle back. The Miniature Reliquary headboard also was painted black. I stamped a skull from the Poison Rubber Stamp Set onto a piece of cardstock, colored in the background, and glued an eyeball to the top. The eye was cut from the Eyeballs collage sheet, glued to a metal bit I had laying around, and then a glass cabochon was adhered to the top. All of that was then glued to the crib.

The mattress was made exactly like the Witchy Chaise Lounge from a few years ago. I cut a piece of cardboard 1/8" smaller than the Bagatelle back/crib base:

Cut a piece of felt and wool batting (polyfil fiber works too) the same size as the base, and finally a piece of fabric that is approximately 1/2" wider than each side of the base. Layer the pieces, wrap the fabric around the layers, and glue the fabric to the back of the base. Glue the newly made mattress to the base of the crib.

To make the legs a little more stable, I chose to trim off the top portion of the cabriole legs. They were painted black and glued in place. The claws on the legs are tiny, tiny polymer clay bits. I made 20 or so of them because they're so small and I knew I'd drop a few while attempting to glue them to the leg.

The last thing added to the crib was a fun mobile made from wire, bent filigree, three rubber bats, and a pewter spider charm. I just painted everything black that wasn't already black, glued the wire to the spider (which is stuck on the headboard), glued the filigree to the wire, and tied the bats to the filigree. Like most craft projects, there was lots and lots of gluing. 

To make your own creepy crib, go HERE to see the supply list!

In addition to parts to construct a crib, Leslie also sent along a fun, very tiny, baby carriage and a Mini White Baby Doll Figurine! 

How tiny is it? Think of this as a doll pram for your dollhouse doll. That size. Two of them fit inside the above crib!

After covering the carriage in black acrylic, wispy cobwebs were painted on the canopy of the carriage.  I added a black sitting cat inside (because where a cat fits, it sits) and Halloween Gargoyle faces to the wheels.

The figurine got me thinking of Wednesday Addams and her little dollies, so I pretty much immediately sawed off the head of the figurine after painting it. 

And then glued it to the carriage.

HERE's where you can see the short list of supplies for the baby carriage.

Hope you're having as much fun with your Hallowe'en crafting as I am!

Thanks for helping create this ghoulish project, Leslie!

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