Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Little Witch's Wall Shelf

I have been going through all of my miniatures from Alpha Stamps and turning them into spooky little things. The latest miniature being this very sweet White (!) Wooden Wall Shelf, which can also work well for Christmas- no painting needed! Hmmm, Christmas. Might need to get another shelf...

This one was painted black with a coat of regular old black acrylic paint, then a coat of crackle medium (PVA glue works too), and finally a coat of brown paint. I glued tiny drawer pulls along the bottom of the shelf. After that, the shelf was stuffed with bottles, skulls, jars, and a frog!

Pretty much everything used on the shelf was given a wash of watered down acrylic paint and antiquing fluid to give it a nice grungy look. 

The candle holder is a Gold & Bronze Earring Back glued to a metal bit and the candle is made from Stockmar Modeling Beeswax with a snippet of sewing thread for the wick. And oh whoa look at those impossibly small skulls on the bottles (an upside down Tiny Black Acrylic Coffin, seed bead, and plastic skull). There is an incredible amount of detail for their size. How big, you ask?

Holy Halloween, Batman! That's small! (I love it.) The Mini Mason Jar - Large worked out well for a water slide decal from the Tiny Halloween Icon Decals. There's a short tutorial down below.

If you squint really close you might can make out a crystal ball between the mason jar of powdered death and the bubbling green potion bottle. I pressed some polymer clay into the crystal ball on the Witchy Props Mold, baked it, then chopped off the ball part. The base was painted silver and a 12mm Glass Cabochon was glued to the base. I had filled the ball portion of the mold with resin and mixed in some glitter, but I got too impatient waiting for the resin to cure and used the cab instead. 

You can find a list of all the supplies I used for this little witch shelf HERE.

Now, on to the water slide decals! These brought me back to when I built model cars as a kid. 

First, cut out the decal and remove the protective covering:

Soak decal in water for 20 to 30 seconds:

Slide decal to the edge of the paper:

Place edge of decal on surface:

Slide paper off the decal and poof! Instant Hallowe'en dishes for your minis.

Only 36 more days left; better get back to crafting!

Here is the SUPPLY LIST again in case you missed it. 

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