Saturday, May 13, 2017

Odd Doctor Olaf

Alpha Stamps has an exciting new product called a Small Frame Shadowbox. It is a heavy chipboard shadowbox that fits on the back of a white shabby chic picture frame. The interior is approximately 4 3/4" x 3 1/4" x 2" deep, so pretty small, but oh the possibilities! Make a simple scene with one or two dollhouse pieces, use it to display a collection of your favorite tiny things, or prop a little doll inside. It looks like a great niche for a fairy house and lots of moss.

I started with a wee Simple 1:24 Table, a few glass bottles, and basswood strips and eventually ended up with Odd Doctor Olaf's room of hodgepodgery. 

Here is a view from the side so you can see the depth of the shadowbox.

I used the basswood strips and a toothpick to build a shelf along the length of the shadowbox to have a place for books, vials, tonics, serums, medicines, a know, all the things you'd expect an odd doctor to have. 

The table might be my favorite part because I wonder what that queer doc is concocting! The wooden tray is more basswood strips, and the syringe is a ball end head pin with thin wire wrapped around the top and then glued into a small glass bugle bead. 

Do you see the tiny bottles along the shelf? They started life as half-scale liquor bottles, but they can be transformed into the medicine bottles with two snips of your scissors!

Grab an itty bitty liquor bottle. So very small...

Snip off the cap of the bottle. Sometimes the cap goes flying, so this should be done either over a small box, or you can stick a piece of tape on the cap before you snip it. That way, if the piece shoots off, you have a better chance of locating it. I was too lazy and just snipped it off while pressing the cap against the table. Then cut off the rest of the bottle's neck. That piece go sailing to who-knows-where because you don't need it.

Paint the cap gold or black or brown. It is a better idea to do this before snipping off the cap, but live on the edge and do it afterward.

Glue the cap on the bottle. Ta-da! (of course you'll want to add a label and then smudge it with a little ink, if you want.)

Hope you enjoyed taking a peek inside my little framed room. Happy crafting!

For a list of supplies, GO HERE.