Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Mini Potions and Herbology Cabinet

Hallowe'en is creeping up, I can feel it in the air! Actually, it is still suffocatingly hot here so maybe it's just wishful thinking. But that doesn't mean Hallowe'en crafting has to wait! I made a Potions cabinet from a 4" x 4" Storage Hutch from Alpha Stamps, but left off the top scalloped portion and used it by itself vs. attaching it to a set of drawers. So maybe it is more like a Potions cubby. Whatever it is, it held a whole bunch of stuff!

All of the bottles were aged with paints and ink then filled with various herbs or ingredients like moss, glitter, and micro beads. Many of the books were made with a collage sheet like this one and small signatures of paper. Among the books of magic there's a cookbook for conjuring up some biscuits...

It's difficult to see, but there's a face in the globe on the top shelf and the wee metal creamer is soooo small!

I managed to squeeze in nearly every glass container, jar, dollhouse bottle, and vial in my stash, all in that 4" x 4" space!

Finally, here is a picture stolen from the recipient that gives you an idea of the size, along with the grumpy mandrake I sent her. And yes, he is wearing a Santa hat.

Hooray for Hallowe'en crafting!

Supply List:

Storage Hutch
A Witch's Grimoire Collage Sheet
Domestic Little Books Collage Sheet
Tiny Magic Potions and Books Collage Sheet
Little Library Collage Sheet
Amber Resin Potion Bottle
Dollhouse Baby Food Jars-Empty
Jelly Jar with Lid
Large Clear Resin Potion Bottle
Mini Clear Resin Whiskey Bottle
Mini Mason Jars-Set of 3
Pickle Jar with Lid
Small Amber Resin Potions Bottle
Ghoulish Green Mini Resin Jar
Yellow Resin Perfume Bottle
Metal Mortar and Pestle
DIY Potion Bottles Bead Mix
DIY Tiny Potion Bottle Stoppers
Amber Even Tinier Bottles
Even Tinier Bottles
12 Tiny Glass Bottles
15mm Round Glass Globe Domes
Saucer from the Clay Planter with Saucer
2.5mm Multicolor Star Sequins
Stickles, glitter, paint, and more glitter

Half Scale Metal Tea Set

Pattern for the grumpy little Mandrake can be found HERE.