Saturday, May 26, 2018

Embroidered Matchbook Journal

I was sent an interesting Mini Matchbook Journal from Alpha Stamps recently and pondered over what to do with it. The base is (as you may have guessed) the same size as a regular matchbook and has a separate accordion folded insert with five pages for decorating. I considered gluing the pages so they would unfold sideways, or perhaps cutting out shapes with punches, and maybe painting or spraying or coloring the entire thing in bright rainbow colors. There were just too many ideas! My last thought was to doodle a tree along one side of the pages and add a short poem. In the end though, the ladies on the Gothics Collage Sheet caught my eye, and the rest of the journal drew from that. 

A little found poetry for the inside:

Adding a bit of simplistic embroidery gave the pages some texture and interest. I also used pieces of torn tulle and Mica Fragments because, why not?

Here it is unfolded. Obviously.

To prep the pages, I dry brushed white acrylic paint over the pages, spritzed them with shimmery spray, and rubbed on some dark brown distress ink. The last page on the right was glued to the inside of the matchbook.

The torn tulle and an image was glued on before the embroidery was stitched. To do that, I just used a needle to punch holes where I wanted them, then went back with needle and thread and stitched the decoration.

The matchbook itself was covered with a thick paper, spritzed, inked, and also sanded. I used a strip of Dresden along the bottom part of the matchbook.

And there you have it. A cool pocket sized piece of art. I think the Mini Matchbook Journal would be perfect abandoned art...just need more little matchbooks!

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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Shabby She Shed Tin

Blank Altoids Tins are by far one of the best things on the planet. They can be transformed into countless things: decorated containers for secret things, pocket sewing kits for embroidery on-the-go, a base for altered art, or even a place to display miniatures. It was the Altered Tin Facades from Alpha Stamps, coupled with a blank tin, that inspired me to create a wee scene with a shabby chic aesthetic. The Moments in Time 6x6 paper pad might have had something to do with it too. It is very pretty!

I began with the furniture, which is made from a few buttons and bent wire that has been painted white. The table was covered with a bit of doily and some Dresden trim. I chose a fabric covered button for the cushion of the chair and an oval button for the back. The back seemed plain so I painted on a few flowers. I emulated that on the tiny, tiny shutters also. I really love those shutters and am happy that they found a home on a very appropriate piece. The picture frame is simply cut from heavy cardstock, glued at an angle to give it a little dimension, and then painted. The shelf is also cardstock that is covered in paper and glued in place. The cute lamps come from the Dress Shop Shape Set. I chopped them in half, covered them in paper, added a doily trim, then glued them in place. 

The outside was the fun part. By this point I knew this project was taking on a very shabby chic personality, so it definitely needed a white-washed effect on the outside. I simulated wood siding by cutting thin strips from the 12 x 12 House of Roses on the Porch paper and gluing the strips on top of each other, overlapping them slightly as I worked toward the top.

After gluing on the strips (I eventually decided to cover the front entirely), it was turned over and the excess was trimmed off.

I dry brushed white acrylic over the paper to create a white washed effect.

The facade was attached to the front of the tin and I added the miniature louvered shutters and a strip of dresden to replicate a roof. The super cute tiny rose vines didn't quite match so I simply trimmed off the red roses, dipped the ends in glue, then rolled the glue in Flower Soft. The flower pots are painted Antique Silver Tall Flower Bead Caps! 

All of that in an itty bitty tin. I love those things!

Keep on crafting!

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