Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Miniature Trick-or-Treat Basket

Most of the spoils of trick-or-treating end up in a plastic pumpkin (or a pillow case if you're old enough to remember the good old days) but why not a basket? In miniature? Good thing there's Alpha Stamps to make your dreams come true! I created a mini treat basket in 1:12 scale, chock full of all sorts of goodies, but if you're feeling ambitious, there is a Half-Scale version too.

After assembling the basket, I painted the entire thing orange. The black portion of the basket was colored (believe it or not) with a Sharpie! It worked better than acrylic paint and actually made nice straight edges. After painting the basket, I cut a piece of green florist foam to fit inside the basket, nearly to the top, so it would be easier to glue the green basket grass and treats inside.

 There are little pumpkin cookies and white chocolate ghosts made from the Mini Halloween Molds, which is the funnest thing ever, tucked inside the basket. I used polymer clay in the molds to create the pumpkin cookies, ghosts, and black bats that are on the caramel apple sticks. How cute is that mold??!

The pumpkin on the right is simply a Glass Pumpkin Charm, and I sliced sections of the Halloween Mix Polymer Canes to create the wrapped candies. The sliced sections of polymer clay were put into a bitty square of plastic wrap and then it was tied together with a snippet of sewing thread. The candy corn was made from polymer clay and wrapped the same way.

It was so much fun creating this weensy basket of sweets! Happy Halloween to you!

Supply List can be found right HERE.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

The Spider House and a Hallowe'en Book to Play With

I'm just going to say this right from the start: This tiny Tealight Haunted House from Alpha Stamps is the greatest thing ever. Why? It's a house and house crafts are always fantastic. Then there's a place in the back for a tealight so you can light up your little house. So cute! And also, it is a haunted house!!! Did I mention the rickety fence and tombstones? All the good things in one little kit!

Actually, I can easily see how this tealight house can be elegant, too, but it is October and I had this giant bag of spiders...

Run, Carl, run!!!

To accent the windows, I used pre-cut frames but cut a rectangle of cardboard to transform the center window into a door. I also cut a little cardboard frame for the upper right and matching rear windows. I stamped a spider, webs, and a skull onto some vellum, then glued them inside the house. Like Kristin, I added a tree by poking a hole in the base and glued in the tree.

Here's the spider house with the tealight inside, and I think it is a bit scarier since Carl can't really see exactly what he's running from. 

When the Spider House was finished, I realized I had all of this awesome Nightfall paper left over, so I made a book using an ATC Ticket Journal and a House Shaped ATC Frame Set (because houses are cool). The book is accordion style, so it opens out to reveal six interactive pages. Warning! There are a scary amount of photos of this book! 

Here are the inside "front" pages, followed by the back.

This is my favorite page. I used a stamp from the Mr. Bones stamp set to create a dapper skellie with eyes that change. There is a dial on the bottom of the page that rotates, changing the eyes.

There are three sets of different eyes and when you  stop part-way, you can give Mr. Bones a single peeper. Fun! There's a tutorial right here for you to make your own. (thanks for helping me get that together, Leslie)

This page has a pumpkin pocket with a surprise inside.

Oooh, it's a kitty!

But wait, there's more! You rotate the base of the kitty and...

Holy crow, it's a witch!

And she transfigures back into a cat! I will not mention how long this entertains me because it is probably embarrassing.

The back side:

This page has a slider at the top that changes the image in the center.

WHEW! For such a tiny book it sure did have lots of things going on. Finally, the front again because that's just funny.

To see a Supply List for the Spider House, go HERE.

For the Hallowe'en ATC Book, go right HERE.

And the tutorial for Mr. Bones' spinning eyes is HERE.

Happy Haunting!