Monday, December 25, 2017

Gilded Crown

Gold and glitter and pearls, oh my! All sorts of lux elements from Alpha Stamps went into making an ornate crown fit for a queen. It started with the Fancy Gold Dresden Diadem or Crown as the top portion, and is attached to heavyweight cardstock that is painted with metallic paint and then glittered. I added layer after layer of trims, like the gorgeous Large Zig Zag Gold Dresden Edging and Fancy Scalloped Gold Dresden Borders. The Large Zig Zag Dresden Edging has circular indentations that are perfect for adding Liquid Pearls; no need to worry about wonky dots! The Fancy Gold Dresden Diadem has circles along its edge too, so guess what? More Liquid Pearls!

Several Mixed Size Ivory Flat Back Pearls were placed along the front of the crown and Gold and White Pearl Shaped Stick Pins were adhered in places at the top. The decorative Dresden pieces made it easier to determine where things ought to be. For the front piece, I made a simple rolled paper star, added glitter to the edges, then stuck  a 2 Inch Gold Star Ornament in the center. There's some bits of tulle here and there, just because I like the stuff. And it's shimmery. That helps.

Here's how to make your own rolled paper star:

For a 4 1/2" diameter star, cut (20) 1 1/2" squares. Roll each square into a cone and glue in place. I found it easier to start at one corner and roll the square around a knitting needle before shaping it into a cone. Repeat for all squares. Punch out a circle for center of star (optional).

Glue two cones together as shown.

Then glue into a star shape like this:

I put glue along the ends of the star tips and dipped it in glitter before adding the punched  circle to the center. That's it! You could have a vintage photograph, a bird, or whatever you like in the center.

Now go be beautiful!

All of the glitzy bits can be found HERE.