Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Bunny Train for Spring

What do you do with two afternoons and the most adorable kitschy Easter collage sheet on the planet? You make a Bunny Train, that's what you do! Alpha Stamps' new super cute, very kitschy collage sheet is loaded with all of the retro rabbits (plus chicks and lambs!) of your dreams. Did I mention how awesomely kitschy it is?

I had a few 3 x 4.5" Shadowboxes and decided a train of vintage bunnies was in order. After papering the inside of the three shadowboxes, I collected anything that might be useful:

And that pile of mess was turned into a charming procession of delightful bunnies. Plus one chick who thinks she's a rabbit.

I glued bumpy chenille stems to a pom pom and added a bunny face to make a little guy for the first car. Bumpy chenille stems are kinda necessary for this sort of thing, ya know? A very full crepe paper garland fills up a good portion of the top, but it is the two lovable rabbits on the right that make it complete.

The center car is where the egg artists hang. There are crepe paper flowers and a flower pot full of eggs awaiting painting. They look like they are having a good time!

There is a bunny with a giant bow in the final car along with the chick that is trying to blend in...

And just like all of the other cars, there is a "turf" base dotted with mini tulips, has glittered pom pom wheels, and a scalloped awning made from a Mini Shadowbox Lid.

Thanks for providing me with the perfect scalloped awnings, Shadowbox Lid! 

I am pretty sad that my wee Bunny Train is now complete because it was keeping me from reassembling my washing machine after its pump kicked the bucket. Not nearly as fun as making kitschy bunny art, that's for sure.

Supply List can be found HERE.

A very special thank you to Leslie for warming my heart with the Kitschy Easter collage sheet.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Easter Shadowboxes

Spring is in the air! The flowers are blooming, the bees are buzzing, and the pollen is killing me. Going outside this time of year is completely out of the question, so I have isolated myself to the craft table with Zyrtec and Alpha Stamps Easter Egg Shadowbox kit. The 2" x 3" shadowbox has an egg-shaped cover and makes a sweet little shrine. 

I papered the shadowbox and lid with Cottontail 6x6 Paper pad and added a bit of moss and images from the new Happy Easter and Bunnies and Violets collage sheets.

I made a wee paintbrush from a toothpick and bristles from an old paintbrush. The rabbit has a teacup of paint for decorating the eggs in his basket. An upturned 1" wooden flowerpot was used as a base, and a few paper flowers finished it off. 

That project was finished so quickly I went ahead and made a lidded gift box using a pretty scalloped edge lid with a bunny silhouette that fits the 3.5" x 5.5" shadowbox. 

All I did for the lid was paint it yellow and glue paper from the Cottontail 6x6 pad on the inside. I love that paper! The shadowbox was covered with Double Dot Passion Fruit paper on the inside and outside. Done!

But what to put in the gift box? I knew I wanted to use the bunny from the Happy Easter collage sheet and settled on nestling her in a painted petit four tin. The tin was given a wire handle to turn it into a basket and then it was filled with grass, flowers, and leaves.

I had a vintage spool with the perfect shade of lavender thread laying about, so I added a crepe paper fringe to the top of the spool before gluing the tin on top. A thin ribbon and vintage button were glued around the spool before it was popped into the gift box.

Here is how to make the easy peasy paper fringe:

Cut thin strips of crepe paper.

Sew down the centre of the paper. Cut fringe.

Since I was making a circle of fringe, I trimmed it along the sewn line and separated the fringe with my fingers before gluing it to the top of my spool.

I also have two other shadowboxes from Alpha Stamps, an Easter chick and another bunny, and the outside world is powdered yellow with pollen, so I am going to stay right here and make something else. Happy Spring! Achoo!

Supply List for The Easter Egg Artist Shrine is HERE and the list for the Spring Giftbox with Bunny Tin can be found HERE.