Thursday, September 28, 2017

Pumpkin Guy and Kitty

Eeeeek! It is nearly October! I am both excited about that and surprised at how quickly September vanished. It has been a very busy time for me, but I managed to carve out time to get this paper clay Pumpkin Guy finished. I made his head some time ago but lost interest (or maybe that giant grin was just too much at the time) but after getting another look at him, I figured. "eh, why not?" So, I plunked his noggin on a wire armature, covered the wire with floral tape, painted his arms and legs, added a felt body over the wire, stuffed the body, then sewed clothes over the body.

Such a dapper looking fellow! He has polymer clay shoes and ribbon suspenders, and teensy buttons from Alpha Stamps. They are so small! The most difficult and time-consuming thing was deciding on what Pumpkin Guy was going to hold. Eventually, I settled on needle felting him a buddy with a candy corn tail. Needle felting is still a mystery to me but I like the surprise after finishing something. Sometimes it goes well, and sometimes it looks like I should never try this ever again. The kitty didn't turn out looking like The Blob so I stuck him in Guy's arm.

Happy almost October!

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Hip Hop Halloween ATCs

This is my favorite time of year. It is beginning to get cooler, the bugs are gone, and Halloween is in the air! Maybe it is because I am a huge fan of orange and no one really appreciates the color until Autumn...but also, HALLOWEEN. There are so many things to craft! I sent a few silly Hip Hop Halloween ATCs to a friend:

They were made with a new collage sheet called Halloween Darlings and some really shimmery, very cool Mica Fragments from Alpha Stamps. They are easy to apply, just sprinkle them onto an adhesive like Glossy Accents, and they will stick forever. I even poured some of the fragments into a plastic bag and smooshed them into a coarse powder and still they glistened. Pretty neat stuff!

Hope you are getting your Hallowe'en on and are crafting all things spooky!

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Costumed Kiddos ATCs

Can you believe it is already September? You know what that means- more Hallowe'en crafts! Every square inch of my craft table is covered in black, orange, green, glitter, spiders, ravens, and skeletons. It looks good that way.

Amongst the piles of spooky goodness, I found a few Wrought Iron ATC Cards with a gothic fence and spiderweb borders. The borders are neat because they add a little depth to the cards. Paint them, emboss them, add glitter to them, then half of the card is already finished! I added images from the Little Darlings collage sheet and gave two of them crepe paper costumes. (Do you see that minuscule buckle on the witch? So small!) The third kid got a pair of bat wings from the Halloween Dress Up Half sheet. Done!

To make the cards stand upright, I simply carved out a small section of these fun Jack-o-Lantern erasers and slid the corners of the card in the slot.

Everything I used for the ATCs can be found at Alpha Stamps or to see a supply list, click HERE.