Saturday, May 25, 2019

Black Hat Society Art Coin Mini Book

Until a few months ago, I could not have told you what an ATC coin was. Well, the name says it all so maybe I could've made a pretty good guess. It took the May Kit from Alpha Stamps to introduce them to me (yes, I live under a rock) but I am here to tell you that they are a whole lot of fun! But you already knew that.

It isn't just coins that Alpha Stamps created; there are also square art coasters (clever!) and pockets, folders, and holders for all of your new art. Neat! I was a bit overwhelmed with all of the bits sent to me because, honestly, what couldn't you do with a bunch of these? In the end, I smashed a bunch of the pockets and folders together to make a mini album. I think a group of the little pockets and coins would be cute if glued vertically along a ribbon and hung on a wall. Maybe next time.

The book has two signatures, each of which is made from two 3" coin holders.

Page one is a 3" Simple Pocket:

Page two is a 3" Wallet and page three is another simple pocket:

The closure of the wallet is a spinning arrow attached with a brad. There's a small gold jump ring under the arrow to accommodate the width of the wallet's flap.

Pages four and five are made up of a 3" Square Folder:

Another great thing about these coins is getting to use up all of those scraps of super special paper that you cherish. You know, the paper that makes you feel like Gollum with his Precious? My Precious paper is for sure Authentique's Nightfall series. Love it!

The construction of the album is very basic. I used this chipboard for the album's covers and spine. The cover is made from two 3 1/4" squares and one 7/8" x 3 1/4" rectangle (spine). See third picture below. The first picture shows the hinges for the book pages. It is a 5 3/8" x 2 1/4" piece of cardstock with score marks at 1 1/2", 2", 2 1/2", 2 7/8", 3 3/8", and 3 7/8". Mountain fold the two creases at 2" and 3 3/8" and valley fold the others. 

Mountain Folds at Red Arrows

Add glue to the back side of the mountain folds and pinch together, like so:

Cut out a rectangle of cardstock that measures 4 1/2" x 8 1/2". Glue your spine piece in the center followed by the front and back covers. If you score some guidelines on the cardstock, it makes it easier to line up the pieces. Be sure to leave a little space between the pieces.

Snip off the corners of the cardstock and ignore these measurements because they're wrong and I had to pay Twin 2 five dollars to edit the picture above. Apply glue to edges of the cardstock and fold over.

Align the hinge piece along the spine and glue in place.

All of the finished "pages" which are actually just the coin holders:

To make the book pages, slather glue along the top, side. and bottom of one folder. Clamp a second folder to it. Let dry. Repeat for the other folders. You will attach the pages by adding glue to the hinges and sliding the unglued portion between the pages over the hinges.

Since I don't have a picture of that, please enjoy the back.

To see a complete list of supplies go RIGHT HERE. Happy crafting to you!

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Alice All Around, a Weird and Wonderful Spinny Thing

I am very excited to tell you about a Quarter Scale Four Scene Room Box - Forest from Alpha Stamps! This tiny thing with its long name is simply awesome! It is two flat chipboard pieces that you can paint (or paper, decoupage, whatever!), assemble, and then affix to the round base. That means there are four little areas to decorate until your heart is content. The whole piece is 6" wide, so each room is 3" x 3", with a bit less space as the floor is round.

And what better way to decorate it than with Alice! And miniatures! And miniature Alice paper dolls! And let's also make it spin!!! (insert flailing Kermit arms)

Okay, I am getting a little carried away..ahem. But this four scene room box does deserve all of those exclamations. 

Up first is Alice herself with Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. I just love those pink geraniums popping out of the bushes. They are incredibly detailed!

Next is the caterpillar room with all the wild foliage and mushrooms. The collage sheet mushrooms look great in there, but I also think a few of these little guys or these would have made it a bit better. The ferns were really easy to make using laser-cut Boston Fern leaves. I colored them with markers, snipped them out, rolled them lengthwise around a thin knitting needle (a dowel or paintbrush would work, too), and using the end of the knitting needle, creased down the center of the leaf to make it curl.

Ah, the Tea Party. One of the most memorable parts of Alice in Wonderland with all of the Hatter's nonsensicalness, the seemingly random times to rotate seats, and the sleepy Dormouse's story. So kooky! All of these characters came from the Tin-Sized Alice collage sheet and were meant to be used as little paper dolls. The March Hare, Mad Hatter, and Dormouse can be removed or placed in the seats at the tea table, which gave me an idea for the other collage images I used in the other rooms. More on that later. I felt the Cheshire Cat needed to make an appearance, so I cut him and his branch out of the Tenniel's Alice collage sheet, recolored the branch, then glued him onto the tree.

Finally, we have The Queen of Hearts amongst her mostly red roses. "Off with her head!" 

After cutting out the aforementioned Tea Party group, I decided I wanted all of the characters in my room box to be removable and gave them all stands on the back. The stands are made from two pieces of heavy weight card stock; one thin strip and one tiny triangle. I just painted the pieces and glued them on the back of the images.

Here's what I did to the Quarter Scale Four Room Box:

Painted Black

Added happy tree

A few bushes, yadda yadda

And covered the base with old Alice in Wonderland book pages

Did I mention that it spins?

Under the base is a turntable that I fashioned using this tutorial, but I used a few layers of thick cardstock instead of a cd. Do yourself a favor and just buy either 3" or 4" lazy susan hardware from Amazon.

I see lots of possibilities for this, including adding tiny furniture, flowers, and animals and making it a gnome home, or what about a pumpkin patch and a few graveyards for all the spooky things? Cool!

Supply List can be found RIGHT HERE

Oh! I nearly forgot about the itsy bitsy Black, White, and Read All Over Alice book I also made. Here it is!

Now go off and get crafty!

Supplies for Alice book are HERE

Saturday, April 13, 2019

"C is for Cat" Mini Folio

In actuality, this should be titled "C is for Chaircat Mao" since that is the cat which inspired the project. I was sent a 4" Mini Folio and the oh-so-covetable Graphic45 Raining Cats and Dogs Deluxe Collector's Edition paper from Alpha Stamps and set to work making a little album of said cat. 

Look how cute the folio is! It is pretty versatile and would look great with 3D elements, ribbons, charms, and whatnot on the outside. Lots of possibilities for this! I covered mine in black cardstock first, then added paper from the G45 line as well as a chipboard piece for the front. There is a magnet on the flap and another on the cover to keep it closed.

The inside is also pretty simple and plain, but the fun part is the mini album. The folio kit includes two album pieces of pre-scored black cardstock, so that translates into six book pages and a front and back cover! (Psst, the folio includes a belly band that is easily added to the inside in case you want to add tags, journaling cards, or additional pictures!) It helps that Alpha Stamps has pages of cat-related items.

Awww, there's my kitty! She is wearing one of the many hats I crochet for her, which she mostly tolerates, but occasionally she gives me side-eye and would rather just sleep. I used the pictures of her acting like a normal cat for the album because they were kind of funny with the sarcastic text stickers I used. 

Oh, that IS a whatever face! Chaircat Mao (Chair, for short) was looking incredibly unamused in her poppy hat.

"Nope. Not caring about you or for this umbrella on my head. Seriously?"

The last two pages are relatable to all cat owners, I believe. Chair must've liked her little blossoms hat...haha! Not all kitties are keen on wearing hats so there are always the Little Crowns or Little Hats Chipboard Sets.

This little folio is easy enough finish in a day. I started by covering the folds of the folio with linen tape and painted it black. The outside of the folio was covered with black cardstock after that. I laid it over two sheets of cardstock, traced around the edges, and cut out the cover (leaving an ample amount to fold over to the inside. This also meant that I didn't have to cover the inside, too, because the decorative paper was cut large enough to cover the unfinished parts of the folio). I scored the folded edges and notched the paper on the corners to eliminate the bulk. To finish it, I simply cut the Raining Cats and Dogs paper to cover the folio. Now up to this point in my life I had never owned a paper trimmer and got by with a straightedge and a scalpel. But I bought one right before starting this project and OH WOW! I had all of the bits cut out in no time at all! It was a fun project to do, and it would make a nice gift with a pretty little book inside, maybe of Spring flowers, or Halloween! Oooh...Halloween...

Finally, here are few pictures of Chair in her hats, mostly to show you that she isn't normally peeved at wearing them.

Happy crafting!

Supply list can be found HERE.

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Cheers! ATCs with Shenanigans and Malarky

What do you get when you cross snarky sentiments and alcohol? Irish people! But also a really funny collage sheet from Alpha Stamps. Leslie made my wee heart happy with the new images! The problem, however, was choosing which ones to use for my project. 

I ended up making five chunky ATCs- and after a pint of PBR, I decided they needed someplace to live, so I turned a Mini House Front Box into a mug shaped caddy.

I ultimately decided to make ATCs because I really wanted to try out the new Alcohol Pearls. The inks were daubed on some yupo paper, then I used stamp pads with a few stencils to make the backgrounds. Pretty simple application but the shimmer from the alcohol inks was impressive! The frames are free-hand cut (because at this point my beer was 3/4 finished so I forgot I owned a straightedge...)  from nice card stock then spritzed with some shimmery spritzy stuff. The card stock I used for the cards is thick, with a nice texture, so I also used it to cover the side and back of the caddy.

 I cut out a few of the heads from the St. Patrick's collage sheet (there's so many!) and decided they needed frames too. So, I used a round stamp from the stash, stamped it on card stock, and cut out the middle. The background of the round frames are actually trimmed mica sheets that have been tinted with Alchemy Alcohol Pearls. That alcohol ink is pretty neat. Too bad I could not capture the pearlescent shine of it! After the mica, frame, and image were glued together, it was adhered to the card and a few tiny rhinestoned shamrocks cut from a Mini Punch Bunch punch were splashed about.

wish you were beer, ha!

I selected the text using the eenie-meenie-miney-mo method because how else would one choose??

To wrap up the day of mad crafting, I busted out the bumpy chenille stems and made two little dancing dudes that are getting their Irish on. This one is Seamus and he likes Riverdance.

Here's how to make your own Seamus, in case you need him in your life.

You need three bumpy chenille stems, the St. Patrick's collage sheet, glue, and that adorable glittery bow tie. That is kinda necessary.

1. Cut stems like so:

2. Bend one stem in half for the legs. Bend the single stem in half and slip it between the legs for the torso and neck.

3. Stick the other stem between the skinny bits (it's the neck) and wrap the arms around a few times.

4. Glue a head from the collage sheet onto the neck and add that cutesy bow tie. Seamus is ready to dance!

Seamus is accompanying me to the St. Patrick's parade here in Savannah, so I know I won't be pinched! Cheers to you!

A supply list can be found HERE.

And thanks for the awesome collage sheet, Leslie!