Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Two Spooky Bootiques

I enjoyed Alpha Stamps' Altoid Tins Facades so much that I made two more, but this time creating miniature Hallowe'en shops inside the tins. There is a dress shop (lovingly named by one of my kids Madame Elphinia's Robes for All Occasions) and also an apothecary, (Stop Your Coffin Remedies and Rarities, as dubbed by same kid). Who says Hallowe'en has to wait until October?? 

You'll find Madame Elphinia's to be a fine establishment, with a selection of quality fabrics, trims, and accessories. 

Your measurements are accurately taken by the gentle Sir Hiss, with the occasional squeeze "for good measure", and Binks the cat lends a claw in designing. 

In the apothecary you will find potions, remedies, herbs, roots, concoctions, and a good book or two on the Art of Dark Magic.

I had originally planned on building the cabinet out of cardboard, which would have worked out just fine, but came across a bag of pre-cut wooden rectangles at a craft store and figured it would be quicker to do it that way. 

The doors are just bits of cardboard and the back is scrapbook paper. I did have these teeny Tiny Wooden Drawer Knobs or Pulls that fit on the doors once I drilled a hole.

Did you notice the little visitor in the dress shop's mirror? She's mostly harmless but will make faces at you if you complain about the service.

To make the ghost in the mirror, first paint your mirror frame black (from the Dress Shop Shape Set) then paint a rectangle in the center with metallic silver paint. I used Martha Stewart brand in Gunmetal since that's what I had. 

Lay a sheet of mica over the top of the mirror and trace around the silver rectangle. Cut out the rectangle.

I created a shiny reflective surface by adding Metallic Rubbing Paste over the silver paint.

I sanded the edges of the ghost girl, dry brushed a bit of white paint over her, then added Metallic Rubbing Paste on top.

The girl and then the mica were glued to the mirror.

Finally, the mirror was grunged up with antiquing fluid and more Metallic Rubbing Paste...

And at certain angles she disappears! 

Happy Hallowe'en crafting to you!

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