Saturday, June 25, 2016

Mechanical Treasure Chest

I was pretty excited to know I'd get to assemble a treasure chest this month for Alpha Stamps! The chest is 4 1/2" x 2 3/4" x 2 1/2" tall, so there's plenty of room to stuff all sorts of gems inside. The outside of my treasure chest was covered with Graphic45's vibrant Voyage Beneath the Sea paper and painted with coordinating acrylic paint. 

The lid of the chest includes one of my favorite images from the G45 paper, this dapper snapper-riding gent that's ready for adventure. He's been glued onto a coil made from paper covered wire so he's sproingy. It reminds me of those metal animals on giant springs at the park. The lid also has a really cool 6 x 6 Gears Texture Sheet that I painted with Silks and cut to fit inside the lid's frame. There's also a metal clock with a spinning hand, a bronze octopus charm, a gorgeous (!) brass patina starfish, and an undersea beauty framed in a bronze gear.

So, what's inside the chest?

It is a little book! A little book that does little things!

Here is a short video.

I used many of the stamps in the Voyage Beneath the Sea stamp sets. 

I made the posable mermaid using the stamp from the Steampunk Mermaid set.

The Sea of Wonders stamp is included in the Riding a Fish set. 

All of the moving parts in my book are uncomplicated and I'm going to show you how to incorporate a few paper mechanics to your own art. Flaps are the easiest because it is four steps.

1. Cut out images.

2. Determine where to make a straight cut for your flap. Mine will be along the underside of the finger so I can slide the stem through. Make the cut.

3. Slide the flap through the slit. Glue down the flap of paper that is on the back. 

Sometimes the image you choose for the flap doesn't have a convenient stem, and in that case you can just cut a small rectangle of paper and glue it where you need it.

4. Hello!

The other cool thing you can do is add a pull string to make an image move. It takes four steps, too.

1. Gather materials: small eyelets, cut images, string (invisible or embroidery thread)

2. Determine where you want your moving image to "land" and also a place under that for the pull string. Poke holes with a thick needle or use a small hole punch, then add the eyelets. 

3. From the front of your card, thread the string through one eyelet then go out the other. I'm using black thread here to make it visible. And this, of course, is the back of my card.

4. Glue your moving image onto the string coming from the top eyelet and tie a button (or whatever you choose) to the other end. I like to glue my moving image onto black cardstock with the string in-between and then cut around the image again, just to make it look clean. On the back of card, add glue or double sided tape to perimeter only and adhere it to another sheet of cardstock. That will hide the string. 

To view all of the supplies in the Mechanical Treasure Chest, GO HERE. Have fun and happy crafting!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Mermaid's Treasure Mini Houses

A mermaid's cumulation is the same as your or mine; items that have meaning in one way or another, objects that are beautiful or intriguing or curious. We surround ourselves with personal treasures for enjoyment, reminders of the past, knowledge of the unknown, and sometimes just for the quest of collecting. I believe this particular mermaid is entertained with her queer shipwreck findings and takes great pride in her bounty.

She has amassed an impressive collection of mostly ladies' things such as a Victorian Dressing Table Set, perfume bottles, photos, and lace,

silverware and a bowl, a passport, and book,

utensils, tchotchkes, a child's ball, and an image of a captivating young mistress with a mysterious history.

Capturing a mermaid's treasure was a wondrous delight! It is all about Beneath the Sea at Alpha Stamps this month, and what fun it is! You can go HERE to see the supply list all in one place. Now to discover a monocled octopus...

Supply List:

The Deep Blue Sea collage sheet
Mermaid Garden #3 collage sheet
Haunted Ship Travel collage sheet
Little Library collage sheet
Double Dot Vintage Island Mist Scrapbook Paper
Double Dot Vintage Ocean Scrapbook Paper
Mini Wooden Toys- Set of Six
Mini Copper Utensils with Rack
Miniature Silverware-Set of 20
Vintage Mixing Bowl
Victorian Dressing Table Set
Set of Miniature Books
DIY Tiny Bottle Stoppers Mix
DIY Potion Bottles Bead Mix
Iridescent Glass Micro Beads in a Bottle
Cheetah Shell Mix
Seashells in Plastic Tins
Sea Glass-Blue and White
The Sea Fiber Set
Small Brown Starfish
Tiny Green Leaf Garland
Tiny Chipboard Houses

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Pete's Been Naughty!

Occasionally, the younger pixies get into a bit more trouble than usual. They might forget to polish the beetles like they were told, or flit too fast through the dandelions and spoil the newly painted ladybirds. They might have even tied one too many knots in the hair of a sleeping child, and that calls for a time out! That is when they get sent off to spend a minute or two in the Pixie Pause Room, where they are supposed to think about what they did (or didn't do) but most likely it is a place to complain about being cooped up unnecessarily for a frightfully long time. 

I simply adore this wee greenhouse and stand. from Alpha Stamps. It is around 7.75" tall and 3" wide, which makes it a perfect fit for 1:12 scale dollhouse items like flowers and such. The kit is so easy to assemble, even a naughty pixie could do it. My greenhouse received a coating of gesso, then a layer of crackle medium, then a wash of antiquing fluid, and that's it! The flowers were arranged in various pots, I added a little sign, and just like magic, I had a finished project. Now to let out Pete and his cohort and hope I don't wake with a tangle of knots!

Supply List:

Mini Rose Buds- White

Clay Planters with Coasters
Miniature Potted Red Roses
Small House Plant
Asparagus Fern Garland
Fern Garland
Leafy Green Underbrush
Miniature Calla Lilies in Flower Pot
Miniature Gypso-Lavender
Miniature English Ivy Stems
Pink Rose Garland
Small White Mulberry Blossoms
Tiny Green Leaf Garland
Tiny Tree with Pink Blossoms
Large Antiqued French Country Planter
Mini Birch Tree Trunk Slabs
Mini Rusted Metal Oval Tubs
Set of Misc Flower Pots
Winged Things Collage Sheet
Miniature Greenhouse with Stand