Saturday, September 22, 2018

Felt Kitty with a Book and Wee Witch Spoolie

Still making Hallowe'en over here! I'm actually trying to cram in all of the quicker projects I want to make before tackling costumes for the smallish people. One of the things I finished was a bitty accordion book using a Matchbox Ticket Journal, but it looked odd all by itself and really needed something more. It fit nicely inside a small Altoid tin, and of course it would've worked with a matchbox, but I remembered the black felt that Leslie from Alpha Stamps had sent (okay, that's a lie. I completely forgot about it until she courteously reminded me in a very pleasant email). 

I used the felt to sew a sweet Hallowe'en cat with a lace trimmed dress and bow. The accordion book was tucked in the pocket. 

She likes her new book.

The kitty didn't take too long so I also managed to finish a Wee Witch on a spool. She has a crepe paper dress, striped stockings, and carries her pumpkin pail. The 31 was glued onto a button and attached to the spool. I used the felt scraps from the cat to make a friend for the witch.

Oh, that bat's face. Hahaha!

Want to make your own fuzzy felt bat? Grab some felt scraps, a small bead, a bit of wire, and glue. Cut out a rectangle for the body and some wings. I just scissored out a wing-like shape. Bend the end of the wire over so it fits snugly inside the bead.

Cover the rectangle with glue and roll it around the wire to form the body of the bat.

Glue on the wings.

Give him a derpy little face and two triangle ears. Done! Maybe I will make an entire colony and add them to the next project.

HERE is where you can go to see the supplies used for Felt Kitty and HERE is where you'll find the list for the Witch Spoolie. Happy crafting!

Saturday, September 15, 2018

October Fun Mini Shrines

It is official. I spotted Count Chocula at the grocery, so Hallowe'en is truly right around the corner. That means there's only a few more weeks of making all the spooky things! Must craft faster, must craft faster...

My latest things are these really cute, pretty small Hallowe'en shrines. I used the Halloween Countdown kit (it includes the shrine with a sweet kitty perched on a pumpkin) and two other shrines from Alpha Stamps to make a trio of festive fun. The overall size of the largest shrine is not quite 6" tall, so small enough to finish a couple of them in an afternoon. 

I used vintage images from several collage sheets for the sides and back. Look at those pumpkin faces!

The inside of the shrines are 2" x 2", perfect for a pile of mini pumpkins, a polymer clay candy corn, or how about a zombie arm? Ooooh, zombie arm...

I simply painted the shrines black, papered them, added glitter, and tucked a pipe cleaner critter inside the shrine. 

After painting, I glued on a square of paper that fit along the top edge of the shrine front.

The front was flipped over and the excess paper on the edges and the center was trimmed off.

Here's the fun part: GLITTER! The pumpkin was painted orange, covered in glue, then a pile of Pumpkin Orange Fine Iridescent Glitter was  dumped on top. So shiny.

The inside of each shrine was decorated with a black spiderweb paper, then a gathered circle of glittery orange tulle was stuffed in there, and finally my little pipe cleaner dudes were glued in place. I had a few old wooden letters in the stash (the letters for BOO and EEK were long gone) but fortunately I found FUN, painted them orange, and added them to the shrines.

I'm gonna go grab a bowl of Count Chocula and think about more Hallowe'en things.

List of Supplies can be found RIGHT HERE and don't forget the glitter!