Saturday, July 29, 2017

Wednesday Addams Silhouette Shrine

Sometimes you need a little Hallowe'en in your life. Who am I kidding? There needs to be an abundance of Hallowe'en all the time! I decided to spend a few hours crafting, just for me, and made a Wednesday Addams shrine to add to my growing collection of spooky things. 

I started with an ATC sized shrine with feet from Alpha Stamps, which is small and easy enough to transform in an afternoon. The shrine topper is a chopped up Miniature Reliquary, a snippet of  black Halloween Mesh Web Ribbon, and two miniature flying bats

On the back is another slightly chopped reliquary and bat, but what really finished this project was the Half Scale Widow's Walk Fencing. Its gothic tininess around the base of the shrine worked out nicely. Plus, it is super cute at only 1" high! After the bats, it is my favorite thing of the entire project.

Here is a quickie tutorial for you: getting the cleaver to balance on its point. It is deceptively simple. First, apply a dollop of hot glue to the back of your item and let it pool at the bottom, then pull the glue out at the end (in essence, making an "L" shape. Or a slug shape. Whatever.) Hold in place until dry.

Trim off any visible glue from the front of the piece, leaving the long "tail" of glue that is hidden behind.

Paint the hot glue the same color as the base of your project (black in my case), then you have a little foot of sorts to adhere to your project  and it is virtually invisible. It is witches' magic, I tell you!

Happy Hallowe'en crafting to you!

Supply List can be found HERE.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Aunt Tess's Cupboard and a Wishing Well

I have had an old Canterbury Greenleaf dollhouse for ages now and got as far as assembling it before quitting on it. It still sits, naked, because I can't make up my mind as to how to decorate it. A witch's residence? Christmas cottage? A little shop? Who knows! But this month I received the Matchbox Cabinet kit from Alpha Stamps which includes a dollhouse sized cabinet with a door, shelf, and tons of bottles and jars to decorate and store inside. It is adorable! It would also work well as a bookshelf.

My cabinet decided it wanted to be old, well-used, and suitable for maybe an aging farmhouse. It was glued together, gessoed, then painted with beige paint. Finally, it was covered with white glue and a coating of white acrylic paint, creating the aged effect. The center of the door was cut out and  "chicken wire" was added.  More on that in a sec.

Inside the cupboard is every sort of pantry item you could think of. Even a condiment bottle and cocoa container! Having a few different collage sheets of labels made it really easy to fill the shelves. In about an hour, I had a handful of items after gluing on labels and occasionally painting a lid. There are two jars, one with peach halves and one with pickles, that were made from polymer clay, an even tinier jar, resin, and a scrap of fabric. There was still room to cram in a spice rack (thanks, Leslie!) and a few baby food jars worked perfectly as the spice containers. I love those jars. The lid comes off and you can fill it with (a tiny amount of) whatever you wish! I built a little rack from balsa wood and made concave sections to hold the jars at an angle by wrapping sandpaper around a thin dowel and sanding the wood. So simple.

The chicken wire is actually a piece of tulle netting that was colored with a silver Sharpie. The holes in the chicken wire were accidentally made with a heat gun, but I liked the look and left it.

So maybe I will turn that naked dollhouse into a rustic charmer and stick Aunt Tess's cupboard in the kitchen. 

A list of everything used can be found HERE, including those teensy baby food jars.

In addition to the Matchbox Cabinet, Alpha Stamps also added several sizes of mini cigar boxes. I left the door off the matchbox sized one and built a wishing well scene inside it. The well is made from basswood strips and cardboard, and the rest is sticks and clump foliage. The stars were an afterthought- the space was in need of something- so I glued three short sections of invisible thread between two folded strips of paper (one on each end) then glued the paper inside the well. Added the stars and then it was finished.

HERE are the supplies used for the wishing well. Just add sticks.

Happy crafting!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

More Hats for the Cat

I am still crocheting holiday hats for Chaircat Mao, and here are the latest ones:


Failed sunshine hat


and a Viking Helmet

She must think her left side is her good side.