Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Mermaid's Treasure Mini Houses

A mermaid's cumulation is the same as your or mine; items that have meaning in one way or another, objects that are beautiful or intriguing or curious. We surround ourselves with personal treasures for enjoyment, reminders of the past, knowledge of the unknown, and sometimes just for the quest of collecting. I believe this particular mermaid is entertained with her queer shipwreck findings and takes great pride in her bounty.

She has amassed an impressive collection of mostly ladies' things such as a Victorian Dressing Table Set, perfume bottles, photos, and lace,

silverware and a bowl, a passport, and book,

utensils, tchotchkes, a child's ball, and an image of a captivating young mistress with a mysterious history.

Capturing a mermaid's treasure was a wondrous delight! It is all about Beneath the Sea at Alpha Stamps this month, and what fun it is! You can go HERE to see the supply list all in one place. Now to discover a monocled octopus...

Supply List:

The Deep Blue Sea collage sheet
Mermaid Garden #3 collage sheet
Haunted Ship Travel collage sheet
Little Library collage sheet
Double Dot Vintage Island Mist Scrapbook Paper
Double Dot Vintage Ocean Scrapbook Paper
Mini Wooden Toys- Set of Six
Mini Copper Utensils with Rack
Miniature Silverware-Set of 20
Vintage Mixing Bowl
Victorian Dressing Table Set
Set of Miniature Books
DIY Tiny Bottle Stoppers Mix
DIY Potion Bottles Bead Mix
Iridescent Glass Micro Beads in a Bottle
Cheetah Shell Mix
Seashells in Plastic Tins
Sea Glass-Blue and White
The Sea Fiber Set
Small Brown Starfish
Tiny Green Leaf Garland
Tiny Chipboard Houses