Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Little Witchy Chaise

Lately I have been in a mood for Hallowe'en and most of my art has been centered around the holiday, so when I got a sweet 1:12 scale miniature chaise lounge from Alpha Stamps I knew just how to decorate it. 

The miniature Wrought Iron Table looked nice along side the chaise, especially after it was given a furry edged table cover. The accessories like the Large Amber Onion Jar of roses, a pewter candlestick, a set of keys, and a few other things helped too.

The chaise is a cinch to assemble and decorate as it comes, but it is equally simple to upholster it, making it soft and squishy like a chaise should be. 

Materials you need to upholster the chaise:

Miniature Chaise
Quilter's 80/20 Quilt Batting or any other thin cotton batting
PolyFil stuffing
Embroidery Floss

The first thing you do is trace around the seat, back, and side pieces onto lightweight cardboard. I did this twice for two reasons. 1. In case I screwed up. 2. I wasn't sure if I also wanted to lightly upholster additional pieces to add on the outside of the chaise, covering the entire thing in fabric. Can never be too prepared. Trace inside the tabs of the chaise pieces then connect the lines with a straight edge. Now trace 1/8" inside those lines and cut out the pieces. 

Trace around the cardboard pattern pieces onto cotton quilt batting and cut out. Also trace the cardboard pattern pieces on the wrong side of your fabric, adding an ample 1/4" around all the edges so you have plenty of fabric to wrap around the batting sandwich and glue to the back. Place a wad of polyfil stuffing on top of pattern piece and trim around the edges. Glue the cotton quilt batting pieces to the cardboard pieces and place polyfil stuffing on top. 

Turn your batting sandwich over and place it in the center of your fabric piece, then glue the edges to the cardboard. 

Paint your chaise then glue in the upholstered pieces. I found it best to add the seat first, then the back, followed by both sides.

To cover slight gap between the cushion and the chaise, glue matching embroidery floss along the edge,then  add the legs, and you're done! 

I crocheted a round pillow using yarn from the Noxious Fumes fiber set and also added a bolster pillow with the same fabric used for the table cover. 

For a complete list of supplies used, GO HERE.

It is never too early for Hallowe'en crafting, right? Go get your spook on!

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  1. Love this!! Definitely would work for any style decorating! Just change the fabric