Saturday, July 29, 2017

Wednesday Addams Silhouette Shrine

Sometimes you need a little Hallowe'en in your life. Who am I kidding? There needs to be an abundance of Hallowe'en all the time! I decided to spend a few hours crafting, just for me, and made a Wednesday Addams shrine to add to my growing collection of spooky things. 

I started with an ATC sized shrine with feet from Alpha Stamps, which is small and easy enough to transform in an afternoon. The shrine topper is a chopped up Miniature Reliquary, a snippet of  black Halloween Mesh Web Ribbon, and two miniature flying bats

On the back is another slightly chopped reliquary and bat, but what really finished this project was the Half Scale Widow's Walk Fencing. Its gothic tininess around the base of the shrine worked out nicely. Plus, it is super cute at only 1" high! After the bats, it is my favorite thing of the entire project.

Here is a quickie tutorial for you: getting the cleaver to balance on its point. It is deceptively simple. First, apply a dollop of hot glue to the back of your item and let it pool at the bottom, then pull the glue out at the end (in essence, making an "L" shape. Or a slug shape. Whatever.) Hold in place until dry.

Trim off any visible glue from the front of the piece, leaving the long "tail" of glue that is hidden behind.

Paint the hot glue the same color as the base of your project (black in my case), then you have a little foot of sorts to adhere to your project  and it is virtually invisible. It is witches' magic, I tell you!

Happy Hallowe'en crafting to you!

Supply List can be found HERE.