Saturday, October 13, 2018

The Spider House and a Hallowe'en Book to Play With

I'm just going to say this right from the start: This tiny Tealight Haunted House from Alpha Stamps is the greatest thing ever. Why? It's a house and house crafts are always fantastic. Then there's a place in the back for a tealight so you can light up your little house. So cute! And also, it is a haunted house!!! Did I mention the rickety fence and tombstones? All the good things in one little kit!

Actually, I can easily see how this tealight house can be elegant, too, but it is October and I had this giant bag of spiders...

Run, Carl, run!!!

To accent the windows, I used pre-cut frames but cut a rectangle of cardboard to transform the center window into a door. I also cut a little cardboard frame for the upper right and matching rear windows. I stamped a spider, webs, and a skull onto some vellum, then glued them inside the house. Like Kristin, I added a tree by poking a hole in the base and glued in the tree.

Here's the spider house with the tealight inside, and I think it is a bit scarier since Carl can't really see exactly what he's running from. 

When the Spider House was finished, I realized I had all of this awesome Nightfall paper left over, so I made a book using an ATC Ticket Journal and a House Shaped ATC Frame Set (because houses are cool). The book is accordion style, so it opens out to reveal six interactive pages. Warning! There are a scary amount of photos of this book! 

Here are the inside "front" pages, followed by the back.

This is my favorite page. I used a stamp from the Mr. Bones stamp set to create a dapper skellie with eyes that change. There is a dial on the bottom of the page that rotates, changing the eyes.

There are three sets of different eyes and when you  stop part-way, you can give Mr. Bones a single peeper. Fun! There's a tutorial right here for you to make your own. (thanks for helping me get that together, Leslie)

This page has a pumpkin pocket with a surprise inside.

Oooh, it's a kitty!

But wait, there's more! You rotate the base of the kitty and...

Holy crow, it's a witch!

And she transfigures back into a cat! I will not mention how long this entertains me because it is probably embarrassing.

The back side:

This page has a slider at the top that changes the image in the center.

WHEW! For such a tiny book it sure did have lots of things going on. Finally, the front again because that's just funny.

To see a Supply List for the Spider House, go HERE.

For the Hallowe'en ATC Book, go right HERE.

And the tutorial for Mr. Bones' spinning eyes is HERE.

Happy Haunting!

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