Wednesday, July 31, 2019

The Doll Maker's Room

Sometimes the smallest of things spark the greatest happiness. Whether it comes in the smile of a newborn baby, a kitty jumping in your lap for a snuggle, or an espresso macaron, finding joy in your everyday life is essential. Lots of times it is just there waiting for you to see it.

Joy presented itself to me via Alpha Stamps in the form of a 1:12 scale Vintage Sewing Table, which is nearly as nice as a warm kitty in your lap. The Vintage Sewing Table led to (surprise!) a Vintage Sewing Machine, then a 4 x 4 inch square room box to put the table, followed by a shelf...well, when it was all said and done, I had the makings of a little sewing room and I couldn't have been happier.

 I tweaked the idea of a sewing room into a little doll maker's space early on, mostly after assembling the Tiny Spice Rack into a ribbon holder. Don't ask how that translated into "doll maker's studio" because I couldn't tell you. It just sort of happened.

The color scheme came from the Fruit Paradise 6 x 6 paper pad and a couple of really sweet Tiny Resin Cherries Cabochons (used as curtain tie backs). I assembled and painted a Black Chair Kit and sewed a teensy cushion for the seat and painted a Miniature Red Metal Chair while I was at it. There's a Tiny Picnic Basket on the floor that holds a rag doll and some paper dolls as well as a crocheted basket full of dolls in progress under the sewing table. 

On top of the sewing table are ALL OF THE SCISSORS, minus the Small Brass Scissors Charm that has so discretely slid down inside one of the Letter Bins on the wall. I painted a pair of cherries onto a  jar from the Miniature Porcelain Kitchen Jars Set to match the curtain tie backs. Nestled on the back corner of the sewing table is a basket full of thread spools, yarn, and more scissors.

The 1:12 Wall-Mount Mail Holders Set (swoon!) were turned into bitty bins for fabric, patterns, button cards, and even a silly rabbit. I really love those things! After assembling them, I slathered modeling paste over the surface with my finger, left them to dry, then painted the holders with white acrylic paint. They were sanded a bit, given a blotchy floral paint job, and finally aged with a smidgeon of watered down brown acrylic paint. They are pretty cute in a very rustic sort of way. It works here, I guess. I mimicked the paint job on the spice rack for cohesion. 

And here is what started it all: that beautiful Vintage Sewing Table! The top was painted brown and then "roughed up" with some sand paper and the base was painted black. So simple and yet so wonderful. Thank you tiny sewing table for sparking joy in my life!

Hope you find happiness in the tiny things in life too!

For a list of supplies used, GO RIGHT HERE.


  1. This is adorable but my favorite is the doll with the kitty face sewn on the front. So cute! >^..^< (can you tell I love cats?)

  2. Shannon, can you tell me where you got those teeny tiny dolls in the set??? Thanks Jeanne

    1. Hi, Jeanne! I made the tiny dolls from polymer clay; much easier than trying to sew a 3/4" doll! The dresses were cut from fabric and glued on after the clay was baked.