Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Humpty Dumpty's Afternoon

Alpha Stamps new Secret Garden kit for May couldn't have come at a better time. Starting a garden this spring was simply out of the question for most people, so having the opportunity to make a teeny tiny one was a nice substitute. Another plus: no pollen.

I knew I wanted to use the Ivy Corner Insert and Mini Green Leaves from the kit, and after gathering a handful of other greenery, it reminded me of vines that grow over walls and up the sides of houses. So, I built a tiny brick wall for the inside of the blank tin which happened to be the perfect spot for Humpty Dumpty.

Humpty is spending his afternoon perched with his book in a quiet, shady spot, enjoying the fresh air. 

Making the wall for the inside was a cinch. I traced around the bottom of the Ivy Corner Insert onto cardboard and cut it out,

trimmed a piece of balsa wood the same length as the top of the wall,

then painted the balsa wood and papered the cardboard with an image from the China Cabinet House Wallpapers Collage Sheet. After lining the inside of the tin, I added a bit of foam to the back of the new wall and glued it inside, followed by the painted balsa wood. This mimicked the wall Humpty originally sat upon in the image found on the Humpty Dumpty #2 collage sheet. You can also see that once the Ivy Corner Insert was painted, I inked some ivy leaves that were snipped from Mini Trailing Ivy Borders, then glued them over some of the leaves on the insert. 

Pretty certain I used all of the laser-cut leaves in the stash on this project! A couple of tissue paper roses made from Heart and Star Mini Punches were glued on randomly, mostly to add a bit of something to break up all of that green. I added the Ivy Corner Insert to the outside of the tin (vs under the lip on the inside) and covered the seam with brownish embroidery floss. Oh, and if you are wondering, the curly brown "sticks" are just several lengths of covered florist wire coiled around the spool base, then wrapped up the side of the tin.

Hope you enjoyed this silly little tin! I'm going to put down my tacky glue and head outside for some sunshine.

You can find the list of supplies used RIGHT HERE.


  1. Wow you made those pretty little roses with hear and star die- cuts, I would love to see a tutorial for them, the whole project is adorable. thanks for sharing your art with us.

  2. The roses look so perfect. I would like to see a video of just how you make them. I've never had much success at cutting tissue paper with a tiny punch. Please show us how you do it. How long does it take to make one rose?

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  4. NOT silly at all. ANOTHER CLEVER creation! LOVE LOVE LOVE all the details