Saturday, September 5, 2020

A Clutter of Cats in Cottages

Anyone else excited about August ending? Sure, September is still hot, insects continue to buzz around, and if I were so inclined, I could shave my legs and go to the beach (on a Tuesday when no one is there). However, September means the beginning of all things Hallowe'en and what could be better? 

Um, nothing. 

Okay, cats are up there.

So what did I make? It's a Hallowe'en village for cats. 😸Mostly black cats, but a grey one snuck in somewhere.

I've been wanting to make something with the Cabana Row House Mini Set from Alpha Stamps for a really long time. Along comes the Masquerade Paper...well, that is all it took! It is my new best friend.

The tiny doors and windows from the Mini House Doors & Windows and House Ornament Window Trims fit exactly right on the mini houses. So cute.

Can we talk rickety fence for a sec? I snapped up the new chipboard Tiny Rickety Fence Set and used them EVERYWHERE. Couldn't get enough of those teensy, wonky things! I also chopped one up (gasp) and made a signpost. 

A few Mini 3D Bare Trees were cut apart and painted black before adding them here and there, and I glued scraps of Dresden along the roofs. Some of the houses also have a pretty Dresden star at the peak. 

I couldn't resist the Hocus Pocus banner and found two wooden kitties to hold either end. And there you have it. One Hallowe'en plus cats decoration done! 

I didn't make a tutorial for several reasons. Firstly, this project is nothing more than gluing things together and papering bits. Anyone can do it. I also had a nanosecond of free time this week, so took advantage of that by creating something and not waste time trying to remember where the heck I put the batteries for the camera. (They were behind the craft table, btw, because my craft table cat buddy, Minicus Moo, loves nothing more than to push all the things off the edge.) Lastly, I thought I'd talk tools. Those things that we use for everything and don't think much about? Maybe someone will find my list useful. Or not!

1. Aleene's Tacky Glue. I personally use the Original formula only since I like knowing there is a few seconds to adjust or shift things around before the glue sticks. Wiggle room is nice. Especially in pants.

2. Disposable scalpels. An indispensable tool that was introduced to me many moons ago by my two favorite paper artists. You know who you are! I cut out all collage images with scalpels because the blade is bendy and extremely sharp. They are also cheap.

3. Sandpaper block. Good for removing a bit of paper hanging off the edge of whatever it's glued to, sanding off any metal on a charm after removing the hanging ring, and the obvious; cleaning up any miniatures that I build. Also handy when you've broken a nail, snipped it off with the only pair of scissors you allow other people to use, and it needs shaping. 

4.  15 mm Posca markers in various colors, mostly black ones though. They cover chipboard like a dream and can do it with a few strokes. Dries fast, too.

Hope you are still with me, because here's the best part. The SUPPLY LIST LINK.

Now go get your Hallowe'en crafting on!


  1. This is so cute with all the cats! You are so creative.

  2. Love your cute project. Since I am a huge lover of cats this is purrfect. >^..^<