Saturday, August 27, 2022

Sit A Spell Mini Room Box

 I'm in love with the Charmed 8x8 Paper Pad from Alpha Stamps! Not only are there several really cute patterns, but also most can be used for 1:12 projects. I used a few sheets in a 7x7 Corner Room Box along with a 1:12 Corner Cabinet, Shallow 3D Fireplace, a Tall 4-Panel Art Nouveau Screen, and a Chaise Lounge Kit that I made many moons ago. It finally has a proper place to live in a cozy sitting room.

I started by painting all of the furniture and the edges of the room box black, then assembled the pieces before adding the paper. The walls and borders are from the Charmed 8x8 Paper Pad and the floor is covered with Crescent Moon Scrapbook Paper. I used 3 panels of the Tall 4-Panel Art Nouveau Screen, decorated it with the Charmed 8x8 Paper Pad, a tiny resin skull, and then hinged it together. The Shallow 3D Fireplace is super easy because all of the detail work is already done on the Victorian Fireplace Collage Sheet. Just cut out the parts and glue in place. The mantel is a rectangle of basswood painted black. Easy peasy. The tutorial for assembling and upholstering the chaise lounge can be found HERE

One of my favorite parts is the 1:12 Corner Cabinet, probably because there's room to stuff loads of minis on the shelves. After painting the cabinet black, I lightly sanded parts of the front, added a painted Wide Brass Filigree Header, and another one of the black Tiny Resin Skulls to the top. The inside of the cabinet was lined with Charmed paper before being filled with all the spooky stuff. There are books, a 1 Inch Detailed Resin Skull, lots of bottles, a 1:12 Resin Brandy Bottle, a 1:12 Brass Picture Frame painted black, a few cats, and a Mini Gargoyle right in the center. 

Above the fireplace is a Gold Victorian Mirror (painted black) that's been adorned with a 12mm Round Glass Cabochon and an eyeball from the Eyeballs Collage Sheet. I like to sneak an eyeball or two in Halloween projects. Lots of them come from this collage sheet. I didn't do anything to the plant other than paint the pot to match the chaise lounge. It's pretty cute, too. 

There was enough room left over for a carpet and a dainty Candlestick Table (also a miniature cat or two if you have them!) 

Thanks for taking a peek at my little Halloween sitting room -  don't forget to hop over HERE to see all the goodies used! 

Happy creating!

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