Thursday, February 19, 2015

2015 Already?

Is it just me, or was 2014 six months long? The year just poofed away, right under my nose! I'm pretty sure that's what happens when you reach a certain age. Wrinkle cream, here I come.

As short as it seemed, the year was a productive one for me creatively. I tried many new crafts like paper clay, machine embroidery, and stumpwork. It would be awesome to stick to just one craft with the hopes of getting good enough at it to please myself, but that'll never happen. My hands want to make all the things.

These projects were some of my favourites.

Waldorf Doll for Theo

Brambly Hedge Mousie

Needle Felted Zombie Sheep
to add to a friend's collection

You kind of have to be there.

Paper Clay Bunny Boy
photo courtesy of rackycoo

Machine Embroidered Owl

Polymer Clay Mandrake

Head on over to Craftster and make your own mandrake with my tutorial!

Big Arse Tree Skirt
photo courtesy of Jennie
Cheez-It Hoopla

 I find that funny.

Pom Pom Owls

 Here's another tutorial if you and your kids want to make the owls.

Stumpwork Beetle Inchie

Little Witch and Her Pumpkin Cart

2014 blew through like winter in the south, but I got a lot of stuff done.