Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Cat Tales ATC Book

Paper toys delight me like nothing else. Airplanes, pop-ups, the "cootie catcher" every kid in grade school folded and played with, jumping jacks, and paper dolls...I love all of that. When I saw the new Wain Cat Paper Doll collage sheet at Alpha Stamps, I knew I had to get my paws on them! The sheet I used features Cinderella, Aladdin, the Princess, and the Magician, and Robin Hood, but there is also More Wain Cat Paper Dolls of Beauty and the Beast, Little Red Riding Hood, and Dick Whittington. Louis Wain's illustrations of anthropomorphic cats are fun all by themselves, but then to have the added pleasure of dressing and accessorizing these big-eyed kitties? Well, that's the cat's pajamas!

As soon as I had cut out all of the bits and pieces, clothed everycat in their appropriate attire, and reenacted a few scenes, I wondered how to store the paper dolls and keep them all together. What about a book? An ATC sized book that can be slipped into a pocket and carried along? 

Inside the book are three envelopes, one for each story, and in the back are two removable backgrounds that can be unfolded. The backgrounds are also reversible for maximum playability.  Here is the middle envelope opened up with Aladdin and the Princess ready to entertain. The tuxedo kitty on the front is attached with a brad so her head can be swiveled inside the book's cover.

Poor Cinderella, always sweeping, and her only friends are the mice.

Ho, ho! What's this? She's found the purrfect Prince! You better pounce home, Cinderella, because your time is up!

Aladdin and his pre- and post Genie outfits:

And my favorite one, Robin Hood, with all of his accoutrements. Maybe Aladdin and Cinderella will stand in for Little John and Maid Marian.


If you want to make your own ATC sized envelope, here is how you do it:

Cut a 5" square from cardstock. Place your square on an envelope maker and score a line at 1 3/4" on opposite sides. Turn and score a mark at 2 1/4" on opposite sides. Or measure the same distance from the corners and score if you don't have an envelope scoreboard.

Using a corner rounder, punch the corners on the long sides. Snip off tiny triangles where the score lines meet. 

On one long side, mark and cut a slit to hold the top flap of the envelope.

Fold over the sides and apply glue (or use a tape runner) to edges, then fold up the bottom. Stuff it full of paper cats!

Happy Crafting!

All of the supplies I used (it's all paper!) can be found HERE.

Plus a few stash items:

Sizzlits Tim Holtz Alphabetical Die
Small Brad (for the swiveling head of the cat on the front)