Wednesday, December 5, 2018

All I Want For Christmas (is wine)

'Tis the season for handmade presents! It's the month that I pull out the half-dozen unfinished gift projects that I started on ages ago "to get a head start on Christmas", the ones that were meant to be done by October and make me feel accomplished...well, that didn't happen. It'd be nice to decide to finish these WIPs, but I know that they will all get tossed back in the bin and I'll start all over because...oh, look! A squirrel!

I restarted my gift making by creating a snarky little matchbox for my wine-loving friend. (We have that in common. It is the reason we like each other so much.) I used two cheeky collage sheets and a 3" x 5" chunky matchbox from AlphaStamps for a fun scene. The front of the box shows a rosy cheeked Santa:

The side is also NSFW.

And the inside is a miniature version of my friend's Christmas wish. 

it's a wine tree, haha

On the tree are glasses, a corkscrew, some pom pom ornaments, candy canes, and different colored wine bottles that sort of resemble Christmas lights. Okay, maybe they don't look like lights at all, but wine will get you lit. 

I used a great tutorial from Kristin to make some teeny prezzies and also added a retro toy soldier. My favorite part of the project (besides the snark) is this winking Santa behind the tree. Maybe he's heard what I want what my friend wants for Christmas, you think?

Happy holidays! Hope all of your crafty wishes come true.

You can go RIGHT HERE to see the supplies used.

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