Saturday, December 29, 2018

More Mini Envelopes and a Tutorial

Yesterday I shared a Valentine House full of all the red and pink things, tiny animals, mushrooms, and most importantly, tiny envelopes. The envelopes were made from a paper punch Leslie from Alpha Stamps sent me, and I have since nearly eliminated my stash of paper scraps by punching out the 1" x 3/4" envelopes. So instead of a pile of paper bits, I have a giant stack of itty bitty mail!

one handful of mini mail

They couldn't be any easier to make. First, punch out all the envelopes your heart desires. There. Half the work is already done.

Score along the four sides:

With taller triangle at the top (this is the opening flap of the envelope), fold in the left and right sides. Add a smidge of glue to the bottom edges of the sides and then fold the bottom flap up. Hold, hold, hold. If you are worried about the glue seeping through and sticking to the inside, simply slide a scrap piece of paper inside the envie before holding.

Done! So cute! Now you can add messages, confetti, charms, tiny cards, or anything inside. It's fun to decorate the front too, especially if you have microscopic stamps like the ones on the Little Postage collage sheet. Rubber stamps from the Carte Postale Set worked perfectly for the outside of the envelopes as well as messages for the inside!

I decided to make a wee mailbox from sticks and whatnot for a few of the envelopes. The upper part is cardboard that I glued together, painted, then covered in thin strips of birch. It was hot glued to a stick that was then glued to a wooden disk. The rest is moss, miniature rose vines, and that's about it.

To make the end and door, trace the shape of the top curvy bit. 

Ta da! 

One last shot of those adorable envelopes.

Happy New Year to you!

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