Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Feeling the Mini

Well, this is embarrassing. I am about to show you the world's easiest miniature craft on the planet. It literally takes minutes to finish, but it's very cute.

All of the cakes on the little wire stand? Yep, they are pre-made, they are all available at Alpha Stamps, and they're adorable. I placed the cakes on a few plates (and cut out a white foam heart "plate" for the top one), and turned one plate into a cake stand by gluing on a white pony bead. After that, all I really did was glue red Dresden trim to the edges of the stand, and poof! A Valentine's cake display that is 3 3/4" tall!

And since that project took three minutes, I had time to squeak in another little thing. This one took a tad longer to finish, but only because I painted a microscopic metal jewelry box and made a teensy string of pearls to go inside.

While waiting for the jewelry box to dry, I painted hearts on a metal bowl, and while that was drying, I dipped the strawberries in chocolate paint. With nothing left to paint, I constructed a heart shaped box and gift bag from the Tiny Little Valentine's collage sheet. The vase is a metal bit that holds a lampshade in place. Why don't I own miniature vases??

Hope your Valentine's is a sweet one!

Go HERE to see a list of supplies used.

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