Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Rainbow Butterfly Tent Card

Leslie of Alpha Stamps recently sent me a set a beautiful stamps that include butterflies of various sizes, suns, moons, and several words and phrases. They are all small, the largest being 3" x 1 3/4", so they would work well with ATCs and art coins. They're really pretty too.

I took these stamps in hand and dug around in my stash of things, finding a cool tent card from last month buried in a stack of chipboard (it is literally 3" high. I gotta get this pile organized). Then I went rifling through the box of new stuff to see what to coordinate with the aforementioned stuff and remembered the fancy Lace Frame. It happened to fit perfectly over the cutout on my oval Tent Card. That was a nice surprise. So, I took all those bits, along with scrapbook paper, a collage sheet image, and black embossing powder to create the tent card. Added some lace (it's not dodgy nor does it smell like Great Aunt Tessie) plus a few flat-back pearls for good measure.

There are four different butterfly stamps in the set. The two I used, which are the smallest of the butterflies, are 1/2" and not quite 1" long. They were stamped and embossed, cut out, folded a bit, then glued onto the card. There's small pieces of foam under a few to vary the height and give dimension. 

There is a tiny strip of ribbon sandwiched between the paper; it really serves no purpose because the card stands well by itself. Looks kinda pretty though.

I'm going to go dig around...I mean chipboard pile to see what else is in there.

HERE's a list of supplies! Happy crafting to you!

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