Saturday, April 13, 2019

"C is for Cat" Mini Folio

In actuality, this should be titled "C is for Chaircat Mao" since that is the cat which inspired the project. I was sent a 4" Mini Folio and the oh-so-covetable Graphic45 Raining Cats and Dogs Deluxe Collector's Edition paper from Alpha Stamps and set to work making a little album of said cat. 

Look how cute the folio is! It is pretty versatile and would look great with 3D elements, ribbons, charms, and whatnot on the outside. Lots of possibilities for this! I covered mine in black cardstock first, then added paper from the G45 line as well as a chipboard piece for the front. There is a magnet on the flap and another on the cover to keep it closed.

The inside is also pretty simple and plain, but the fun part is the mini album. The folio kit includes two album pieces of pre-scored black cardstock, so that translates into six book pages and a front and back cover! (Psst, the folio includes a belly band that is easily added to the inside in case you want to add tags, journaling cards, or additional pictures!) It helps that Alpha Stamps has pages of cat-related items.

Awww, there's my kitty! She is wearing one of the many hats I crochet for her, which she mostly tolerates, but occasionally she gives me side-eye and would rather just sleep. I used the pictures of her acting like a normal cat for the album because they were kind of funny with the sarcastic text stickers I used. 

Oh, that IS a whatever face! Chaircat Mao (Chair, for short) was looking incredibly unamused in her poppy hat.

"Nope. Not caring about you or for this umbrella on my head. Seriously?"

The last two pages are relatable to all cat owners, I believe. Chair must've liked her little blossoms hat...haha! Not all kitties are keen on wearing hats so there are always the Little Crowns or Little Hats Chipboard Sets.

This little folio is easy enough finish in a day. I started by covering the folds of the folio with linen tape and painted it black. The outside of the folio was covered with black cardstock after that. I laid it over two sheets of cardstock, traced around the edges, and cut out the cover (leaving an ample amount to fold over to the inside. This also meant that I didn't have to cover the inside, too, because the decorative paper was cut large enough to cover the unfinished parts of the folio). I scored the folded edges and notched the paper on the corners to eliminate the bulk. To finish it, I simply cut the Raining Cats and Dogs paper to cover the folio. Now up to this point in my life I had never owned a paper trimmer and got by with a straightedge and a scalpel. But I bought one right before starting this project and OH WOW! I had all of the bits cut out in no time at all! It was a fun project to do, and it would make a nice gift with a pretty little book inside, maybe of Spring flowers, or Halloween! Oooh...Halloween...

Finally, here are few pictures of Chair in her hats, mostly to show you that she isn't normally peeved at wearing them.

Happy crafting!

Supply list can be found HERE.


  1. I love this idea!! Your kitty is gorgeous, and the cat hats are adorable. Now I need to start saving my pennies so that I can make a mini album for each of my kitties, my mom’s and sister’s kitties, and maybe find some patterns for cat hats …

    I love the idea of a Halloween album, too! My favorite holiday!

  2. This is so darn cute. I am going to have to make one of these albums too. I have 5 cats so just enough pages for pics of all 5. I love your cat hats-I could never get mine to wear them. What adorable photos. Sweet kitty. >^..^<