Saturday, May 18, 2019

Alice All Around, a Weird and Wonderful Spinny Thing

I am very excited to tell you about a Quarter Scale Four Scene Room Box - Forest from Alpha Stamps! This tiny thing with its long name is simply awesome! It is two flat chipboard pieces that you can paint (or paper, decoupage, whatever!), assemble, and then affix to the round base. That means there are four little areas to decorate until your heart is content. The whole piece is 6" wide, so each room is 3" x 3", with a bit less space as the floor is round.

And what better way to decorate it than with Alice! And miniatures! And miniature Alice paper dolls! And let's also make it spin!!! (insert flailing Kermit arms)

Okay, I am getting a little carried away..ahem. But this four scene room box does deserve all of those exclamations. 

Up first is Alice herself with Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. I just love those pink geraniums popping out of the bushes. They are incredibly detailed!

Next is the caterpillar room with all the wild foliage and mushrooms. The collage sheet mushrooms look great in there, but I also think a few of these little guys or these would have made it a bit better. The ferns were really easy to make using laser-cut Boston Fern leaves. I colored them with markers, snipped them out, rolled them lengthwise around a thin knitting needle (a dowel or paintbrush would work, too), and using the end of the knitting needle, creased down the center of the leaf to make it curl.

Ah, the Tea Party. One of the most memorable parts of Alice in Wonderland with all of the Hatter's nonsensicalness, the seemingly random times to rotate seats, and the sleepy Dormouse's story. So kooky! All of these characters came from the Tin-Sized Alice collage sheet and were meant to be used as little paper dolls. The March Hare, Mad Hatter, and Dormouse can be removed or placed in the seats at the tea table, which gave me an idea for the other collage images I used in the other rooms. More on that later. I felt the Cheshire Cat needed to make an appearance, so I cut him and his branch out of the Tenniel's Alice collage sheet, recolored the branch, then glued him onto the tree.

Finally, we have The Queen of Hearts amongst her mostly red roses. "Off with her head!" 

After cutting out the aforementioned Tea Party group, I decided I wanted all of the characters in my room box to be removable and gave them all stands on the back. The stands are made from two pieces of heavy weight card stock; one thin strip and one tiny triangle. I just painted the pieces and glued them on the back of the images.

Here's what I did to the Quarter Scale Four Room Box:

Painted Black

Added happy tree

A few bushes, yadda yadda

And covered the base with old Alice in Wonderland book pages

Did I mention that it spins?

Under the base is a turntable that I fashioned using this tutorial, but I used a few layers of thick cardstock instead of a cd. Do yourself a favor and just buy either 3" or 4" lazy susan hardware from Amazon.

I see lots of possibilities for this, including adding tiny furniture, flowers, and animals and making it a gnome home, or what about a pumpkin patch and a few graveyards for all the spooky things? Cool!

Supply List can be found RIGHT HERE

Oh! I nearly forgot about the itsy bitsy Black, White, and Read All Over Alice book I also made. Here it is!

Now go off and get crafty!

Supplies for Alice book are HERE

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  1. Oh my gosh! This is a delight. Love the paper stands for the figures and the airy thingie that covers the trees.....the whole thing is adorable. Good job.