Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Hearts Aflutter Mini Valentine Hutch

This month's kit from Alpha Stamps is chock full of red and pink and retro valentines, oh my! The tiny cards and envelopes were difficult to put aside, but I first wanted to decorate an Unfinished Wooden Hutch or Buffet with the Polymer Clay Valentine Hearts Slice Mix and 2-Tone Heart Bead Mix from the kit. There's also a bunch of other stuff in there too.

After the hutch was painted, I lined the shelves with strips of My Valentine Polka Dot paper (from the kit). Tons of images from the Tiny Little Valentines collage sheet were cut out to fill the shelves. There are candy boxes, two valentines card boxes, two gift bags, and a (mini) handful of vintage valentine cards on the shelves and on the lacy border. Peeking out from behind a cake on the top shelf is the cutest kitten you've ever seen. Thanks for making some extra tiny cat valentines, Leslie!

Whenever I am making a miniature hutch or shelf of some sort, I tend to crowd stuff in there, jamming as many tiny things as will fit. The project sort of turns into an "I Spy" game, which is kinda fun. Some of the things you'll find are a red jam jar, lemon cake with LOVE frosting, heart cookie cutter, tiny cake slices in glass bottles, cupcakes, pink strawberry cakes, candy jar with red candies, a pink doily, heart button, tiny heart-shaped chocolate cakes, and an embossed gold dresden heart. 

Most of the minis in this project were altered just a tad, like the Red Canisters. (I just glued a heart from the Polymer Clay Valentine Hearts Slice Mix to the front!) Some of the jar lids were painted or colored with a red Sharpie before being filled with microbeads, or more polymer clay slice mix. The lid of the mini white peanut butter jar on the top shelf was also colored with a red Sharpie, and I drew on a little heart. 

The Tiny Lace Borders - White worked out perfectly for the shelves. The bottom lace was cut from a wider section and I added pink rhinestones along the top. The heart-shaped lace border was just trimmed and glued on. So quick!

Here is another thing that was colored with Sharpie: a wee Half Scale Round Cookie Tin! I cut out an image on the Romantic Faux Postage collage sheet and glued it to the front. 

I was very excited to find the doors opened on the hutch. More room to put stuff! 

Hope your Valentine's Day is full of all the miniature things. Except the chocolate. That needs to be full scale. 

All of the supplies used can be found HERE.


  1. What wonderful work you do. This is the cutest thing I have ever seen!!

  2. Thank you again for sharing your projects! Love them!!

  3. I'm new to this... Do you bake your polymer clay cuts or just stick them on? I've had bad luck baking small items of clay... They turn brown.

    1. Hi Lady Blue!

      Many of the polymer clay cuts I use are pre-baked, and therefore just stick them on. I, too, have had awful luck baking tiny polymer clay things...I just burnt up 12 lemons! I have found baking teensy polymer clay requires a person's full attention and most tiny, tiny things are finished in less than 5 minutes. BTW, those lemons were toast at 5 minutes, so don't walk away or feed the cat because they will be ruined!