Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Let's Bake!

 I know a lot of people have decided to pass the time in the kitchen baking cookies, pastries, cakes, and bread. My daughter has perfected the cheesecake with zero cracks. Truly amazing. Since I do not bake anymore, I did the next best thing - miniature "baking"!

The Tiny Retro Bakery Box Kit from Alpha Stamps started me on this path, with its delightful kitchen themed buttons, new collage sheets, a tiny mixing bowl...ack! It is too much! So, naturally, I took that stuff along with some other bits and bobs and crammed it in a 7x7 Corner Room Box. Yay!

There's a work table in the center that holds pots, pans, and bowls, plus all of the baking accoutrements on the top: kitchen blender (eeek, there's a plug!), blue measuring cup (technically a coffee cup in a gorgeous retro color but a few swipes with a Sharpie turned it into a measuring cup), milk, muffin pan, rolling pin, cookie cutter, spatula, items from the kit, and a smattering of jars. 


A bit of paint has been added to the cutting board before being hung on the wall. I think it adds a nice touch, plus I really like that button. The shank was snipped off the back so it lays flat. The same was done to all of the buttons used, but I have a second set to sew onto something later. :)

The hutch in the back has tons of things on its shelves and inside the opening doors on the bottom, like a grater (another button!), honey jar, little lemon cakes, red canisters, more jars and containers, a rooster, and a canister for spoons and a whisk. (It is really a painted flower pot...)

Miniature baking can be just as enjoyable as real-life baking, just not as delicious. Not to mention a real disappointment to kids. Oh well!

Hope you have found some happiness in your day. Keep on crafting!

You can GO HERE to see all the fun bits used in this little scene. 


  1. So freakin' CUTE! Love every single tiny detail.

  2. Shannon: Hello! I have ordered the beginning parts for this project- it'll take me some time, as there are so many parts! I did want to ask you what paper you used for the wooden floor? It is scaled so well, that is why I am asking- You are a brilliant artist and designer-keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks so much, Barb! I used scrapbook paper by Bella! Wood Paperz #11. It is pretty old paper, but there are lots of nice options out there for dollhouse floors.